Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Bursaries in Kenya

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Various constituency development fund programmes have varying arrangements of financial support for students from their respective constituencies.

The criteria of the award are unclear but applicants fill a form with a space of Dean of Students to fill as a way of confirming the information given by the applicant is correct.

In most cases, the needy and deserving students are given priority when the bursaries are being allocated. Also, students whose parents or guardians are experiencing a lot of financial pressure for examples where they are funding university education for many dependents are also given a priority.

The minimum award per student varies from constituency to constituency.

The CDF bursaries are also awarded to needy students in secondary schools, especially public secondary schools.


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What does the government do to ensure that the cdf fund is not corrupted?
01 Feb 2011 @ 08:49

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I am from Borabu constituency ,seeking for bursary to pursue Diploma course.I am a partial orphan and my mother cannot be able to support me.
Please,humbly I call upon your kindness help me to help my younger siblings.Mobile Phone:+254712353524
07 Jun 2012 @ 08:02

Rupia mwinyi
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I am Rupia Mwinyi from Likoni Constituency (Coast Province). I applied for a bursary with the CDF twice but i was not granted any help despite my family's inability to pay my school fees. I call upon well wishers to help me pursue with my education. My contacts: +254753185811
15 Jun 2012 @ 08:11

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All Constituency Development Fund (CDF) queries should be directly addressed to the CDF offices at constituency level.
15 Jun 2012 @ 09:45

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Which criteria does cdf board follow when allocating funds in schools?
29 Jun 2012 @ 06:11

Philip Kariuki
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The money allocated for CDF Bursaries in most cases ends up in pockets of a chosen cartel of the elite.
The local citizens have no say with regard to this. We need to demand for openness, if we are aiming at attaining equitable share depending on one's needs.
31 Jul 2013 @ 03:59

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