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Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) is tasked with the role of facilitating university students' education both in private and public universities in both undergraduate and graduate levels. The body issues loans and bursaries to needy and deserving students.

Types of Financing by HELB

Find below are list of various education financing options offered by HELB.

1. Loans for direct entrant to universities

These loans are awarded on the basis of the level of need of the applicant. The interest rate is 4% per annum.
The loan is meant to assist students in meeting part of the tuition and upkeep.
Some portion of the money is remitted to the student's bank account and the rest directly to the university, where the applicant is a registered student.

2. Loans for self-sponsored contributing education students

The applicable interest rate is 12% per annum.
These loans are awarded on the basis of the ability of the borrower to start servicing the loan immediately it is awarded.
This loan goes towards meeting the cost of tuition. The funds are remitted directly to the university where the applicant is registered.

3. Field Attachment Loans

Students who pursue courses that require field attachment receive loans to this effect.
The funds are remitted to the university for distribution among the concerned students. The interest rate applicable is 4% per annum.

4. Bursaries

These bursaries are awarded to needy students from poor families. They are meant to meet tuition costs and are remitted directly to the university where the applicant is registered.

5. Scholarships

The Higher Education Loans Board awards scholarships to postgraduate students pursuing their Masters and Doctoral studies.
The award is based on academic merit.
Each university is allocated a limited number of scholarships per year based on the population of their regular students.
Scholarship forms are available from the board's website and a processing fee of ksh. 3,000 is payable on submission of the form.

For more information, contact:
Higher Education Loans Board
18th Floor, Anniversary Towers
P.O. BOX 69849-00400, Nairobi
Telephone: +254 711 052000, +254 20 2278000
Website: www.helb.co.ke


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how can i be able to recieve a HELB loan?
11 Aug 2011 @ 05:04

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HELB loans are given by Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) upon successful approval of application.
HELB loan application forms can be downloaded from www.helb.co.ke

To download loan application form, please copy and paste the link below on your browser.


You will get a page with links to application forms
11 Aug 2011 @ 05:10

fred Nyangau
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Thanks for assisting Kenyan youths, who are unable to support themselves in educational levels.
I am partial orphan,none of my family member has offered to assist me. I have run sort of college fee to proceed with my education. Am seeking for bursary to pursue my Diploma/Degree.


25 May 2012 @ 04:15

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Why fill the place of guaranters?
Can one pay back the loan after getting employed rather than after one year of completion of studies?
19 Oct 2012 @ 01:59

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Is it true that medicine and engineering students will receive more money as from next year?
19 Sep 2013 @ 02:36

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can diploma students access the loan.
19 Sep 2013 @ 07:22

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i have tried to apply a number of times for the bursary funds but have been unsuccessful so i was wondering how this can be done
14 Jan 2014 @ 12:52

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I am Melvine Kadenyi Lisuza a partial orphaned. I applied for HELB loan but i never received any cash. I was forced to differ my examination semester last term due to huge amount of school fees. Please i request for your help. My ID NO. 29336937
18 Jun 2014 @ 11:21

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my brother, Raphael, it is sad to say that so many young Kenyan students are applying for the Helb loans and are made to wait for a period of even more than an academic year in the name of having their forming under approval. Is justice executed in that? What piece of advice do you have for such Kenyans bearing in mind that some of them are orphans as well as from unstable family settings[economically]?
23 Jun 2014 @ 11:14

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