Tips on Writing Good English composition: KCPE or KCSE Examination.

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Composition is one of the biggest challenges for Kenyan students doing KCPE or KCSE examinations.

In this article; I will outline the best steps in writing a good English composition during KCPE or KCSE examinations.

All compositions usually follow the same simple and basic structure which is outlined below.


Always begin a composition with an introduction. The introduction should be presented in the first paragraph. The first sentence in the first paragraph should be focused on the single most important idea of the composition. Ensure that the first paragraph captures the attention of the reader while introducing what you are going to write in the body.

The body brings together several paragraphs expanding the main idea of the composition. The paragraphs in the body should be structured in such a way that they have a topic sentence which is followed by four or five sentences. At the end of the paragraph include a concluding sentence summarising the idea of that paragraph.

To write good paragraph use P-R-E-P. PREP is acronym for P-point, R-reason, E-example then P-point again. The first P denotes the idea brought out in the first sentence. The last P denotes the concluding sentence restating the first sentence slightly differently to avoid repetition. Below is a small paragraph written by Joe explaining why his friend Tom went to America.

e.g Tom went to America to study Computer Science (first P). While in America, he toured many countries and made a lot of friends. He studied there for four years then came back to Kenya. Now he is working for the ministry of Information and Technology. That is why Tom went to America (last P).

Conclusion: This is the last paragraph in a composition. It should be short, wrapping up and summarizing or restating the main idea of the composition. Use different words from those used in the introduction and body to avoid sounding repetitive. Make sure the last paragraph is punchy. Leave the reader impressed while satisfied (without any questions or doubts of what you have written).

Best technique for writing composition

Use the P-O-W-E-R technique when writing your KCPE or KCSE composition. The P-O-W-E-R stands for
W-write the introduction, body and conclusion.
E-edit. Check for mistakes
R-revise. You should revise every composition you write. This will involve rereading, looking for errors in sentence construction, grammar, spelling and contradictions.

Writing a composition is a compulsory requirement in KCPE and KCSE examination. I hope these simple tips will ease the exercise of writing a composition.

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Also its power to proof read your work so as to eliminate the following errors:
*spelling mistakes.
*grammatical errors
A student who does not ensure spelling/punctuation/grammar errors lose lots of marks, even though their creativity is good.
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