Funzo loans application forms

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How can i access funzo application forms for the time being? Please help.
I would really like to access these forms.


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Im not aware may be you can google www.funzo loans form
07 Nov 2012 @ 02:52

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I think you are referring to funzo scholarship.
This is a scholarship award given to bright but needy students who are interested in studying health related courses.follow these steps to apply.

1. Applicants should access and fill the 201212013 FUNZOKenya Application Form from the HELB website
2. Then print the form and have it signed and stamped by the relevant officials and authorities.
3. Sign the form, certify and attach all the necessary documents, as indicated on the checklist on the last page of the Scholarship Application Form.
4. Scan the duly completed application form and all the required documents and email them to or hand deliver it at the Higher Education Loans Board Offices located at Anniversary Towers, 18th Floor, University Way Nairobi.
5. The Board will use the email and telephone contacts provided on the application form for communication on the progress of your application.

Please ensure that you read and understand the instructions provided on the Application Form before you commence the application process.
*The Number of scholarships awarded will depend on availability of funds

The deadline for the scholarship application is 29th August 2012.

For further information and enquiries contact:
The Board Secretary/CEO
Higher Education Loans Board
P.O Box 69489-00400, Nairobi
Tel: (020) 2278000, 0722 205292, 0733 205292
E-mail. ke
07 Nov 2012 @ 03:00

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