The Curse of a Kenyan Law Student

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Legal profession is one of the most respected professions not only in Kenya but the world at large. In Kenya, for one to practise law, you must go through Kenya School of Law. This is a nightmare to most students. This is due to the following reasons.
One, the fees are too high and pose as an indirect way of saying 'there is no higher education for the poor.' The yearly tuition fee for a degree program is about Ksh. 16,000/-. In KSL the fee is over kshs. 200,000/-.
While there is HELB to help needy students during their degree program, there is no HELB or any other financial help when going to KSL. As a result, the dream of practising law for many poor students are either delayed or paralysed.
Another nightmare is derived from the fact that there is only one KSL despite having eleven institutions offering law degrees. It is questionable how a single institution can be able to absorb graduands from eleven institutions.
We need reforms in this sector.


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I concur with you on that. I think it is not fair that much is payed at Kenya School of Law when we all understand the general economic hurddles that our country is going through. This explains why most lawyers are just from rich families or rather for those who can afford to pay the fees required for this course. We should also not oversee situations here. It is true that law is a very good and competitive course both locally and internationally, and therefore charging such higher amounts might be a reason to explain the same.
But the government through verious projects like sponsorships should try to encourage young Kenyans who have the ambituon of becoming lawyers by poviding the with accessible schemes through which they can get to study law.
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