Academic programmes at Kemu

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Doctorate Programmes

Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration and Management

Postgraduate Programmes

Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Health Systems Management
Master of Science in Agriculture and Rural Development
Master of Science in Finance and Investment
Master of Science in Nursing Education
Master of Education in Leadership and Education Management
Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling
Master of Arts in Counseling
Master of Arts in Mission Studies
Master of Arts in Religious Studies

Undergraduate Programmes

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology
Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems(Software engineering,computer networks)
Bachelor of Science in Information Sciences
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
Bachelor of Science in Health Systems Management
Bachelor of Education and Counseling
Bachelor of Education (Science)
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Development)
Bachelor of Education (Arts)
Bachelor of Education (Primary Option)
Bachelor of Arts in Counseling
Bachelor of Theology

Diploma Programmes

Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Sales and Marketing
Diploma in Project Management
Diploma in Public Relations Management
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Economic Crime Management
Diploma in Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Community Health
Diploma in Medical Education
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology
Diploma in Education & Counseling
Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism
Diploma in Church Music
Diploma in Theology
Diploma in Peace and Conflict
Diploma in Animal Health
Diploma in Horticulture
Diploma in Computer Information Systems
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Information Science

Pre-University & Bridging Programmes

Pre-University (For students wishing to upgrade their equivalent qualication to joining Diploma or degree programmes)
Bridging course in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry & English

Certificate Programmes

Certificate in Theology
Certificate in Guidance and Counseling
Certificate in Hospitality Management
Certificate in Computer Applications
Certificate in Methodism and Ministerial Formation.


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