The issue of laptops in primary schools. Do you think it will work in Kenya?

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As for me i don't agree with it because the state of primary schools in Kenya is in very bad shape and someone comes up with that issue instead of making sure that schools are in good shape and then come up with that kind of thing. Do you agree?


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In my opinion i dont think it will work because of so many reasons.First of all not all children are computer literate thus the government will be forced to start from square one.Considering the fact that the laptops will be issued to class one pupils, who according to me it will be hard for them to operate the gadgets, it will be a tough road to take a stroll on.Moreover,not all schools in Kenya have enough classrooms let alone computer rooms the government would have addressed such issues rather than issuing laptops.Another problem of theft and insecurity will arise because of the high rate of unemployment and poverty many people will tend to look for an easier source of quick income.Thus theft of the laptops will start as it will be obvious and crystal clear that all class one pupils will be having the gadgets.Maintenance of the laptops is also an issue and also availability of electricity and internet connection in marginalized areas of the country.Though the government is trying to meet the E-learning 2030 vision,this is kind of too early.
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