Degree in clinical medicine and surgery in Kenya

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Which university offers degree course in Degree in clinical medicine and surgery in Kenya and what are the entry requirements?


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The course is offered in mt kenya university in thika.
02 Mar 2011 @ 10:53

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Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine is also offered in Egerton University.
The minimum entry requirements are as follows.
i) Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) mean grade of B (Minus) or its equivalent and pass in the subject cluster as indicated below:
a) Biology B (Minus)
b) Chemistry B (Minus)
c) Mathematics or Physics B (Minus)
d) English or Kiswahili B (Minus)
ii) Advanced level or equivalent with a minimum of two principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and a subsidiary pass in Mathematics or Physics.
iii) Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery candidates who have passed with at least a credit and above plus mean grade of C (Plain) in KCSE or equivalent or relevant health related medical course from an institution recognized by Egerton University Senate.
27 Sep 2014 @ 02:08

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Which universities in Kenya are offering the degree course in clinical medicine? How marketable is the course in Kenya?
29 Sep 2014 @ 12:23

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