University Scholarships in Kenya

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I a looking for a scholarship for my university education in Kenya. Which bodies or organizations in Kenya offer scholarships to university students in Kenya and what is the eligibility criteria?


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Hi,I am very much interested in your University scholarship.I am looking forward to joining Narok University College this year around August.I have qualified for the course of Business Management.I come from a middle-level background where my parents can not afford to pay my school fees in full,and this is a threat to my career.I humbly call upon your kindness to please grant me the Scholarship,and I promise not to let you down. Yours faithfully, Winstone Manda.
01 Mar 2011 @ 01:15

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Hello, i am kindly requesting you to consider me in your University scholarship. I have secured a place in the University of Nairobi to persue a degree in Bachelor of Commerce and will be joining later in the year. I come from a relatively humble background. I will be greatful for any assistance accorded. Yours faithfully, Benard Mutai.
22 Mar 2011 @ 03:04

Gibson kiprotich
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Hello, i'm so much pleased with your scholarship and would like to benefit from it. I secured a place in the KENYA POLYTECHNIC to pursue bachelor of economics and will be joining this August. I come from a single humble family background and won't be able to raise full fees. Please consider me.
25 Jun 2011 @ 11:12

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Hello,am happy to be associated with your organization for the scholarship you have been helping the unfortunate to advance their education to better the God bells you so much.
05 Jul 2011 @ 12:35

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Hi, i am very much interested
08 Jul 2011 @ 06:12

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Hallo thanks for offering me a chance to chat with you .I would like to benefit from your scholarship so that i get a chance to make my dreams come true dreams that seems to be stop by my background status that i was born out of wedlock and my mother being jobless i have no one to turn to i will be greatful with your assistance thanks in advance
08 Jul 2011 @ 02:00

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am currently looking for financial assistance for me to pursue my degree. i left high school year 2004 with a B-minus i have managed to pursue a diploma in purchasing and supplies management. today am yet to secure a job but i truly desire to pursue my career. i will truly appreciate your assistance. thanks in advance
09 Jul 2011 @ 01:45

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i secure a chance at united state international university since January of which i have postponed due to lack of fees my student id number is 633139 but am yet to be enrolled
09 Jul 2011 @ 01:49

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I SCORED B plain in 2006 upto now have gone nowhere due to financial problems .can i get help from your scholarship
26 Aug 2011 @ 03:53

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Hallo,am a 20year old who finished secondary school in 2008 with a B plain,i have the qualifications and i have enrolled in many universities to no avail due to financial instability.I would be humbled if you provided me with a scholarship for January as i have enrolled with the new Baraton University Nairobi campus for a course in Development studies.Thank you and God bless the work of your hands as many of us are sincere and bright students and you are willing to help
27 Aug 2011 @ 06:04

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Hello! Am finaly sure that al persue my dreams which almost died long ago due to lack of finance only if you grant me the golden anchance through your scholarship.Thanks in advance.
12 Sep 2011 @ 02:59

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Please can someone advise me on the application procedure for the above mentioned scholarship.
12 Sep 2011 @ 10:05

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hello. am glad for these opportunities you people are offering to hundreds of people within our communities. i would really like to be among the luck few in your enrollment but, the application for t
scholarship procedures are not clear or familiar. would you please help on the guidelines? thank you again.

13 Sep 2011 @ 11:36

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Greetings! I am an 18 years old male son of a single mother with a highly-spirited education ambition to study Bachelor of Commerce at University of Nairobi .Would u kindly consider me? Thank you.
01 Oct 2011 @ 04:27

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Check out rattanasi educational trust.
13 Oct 2011 @ 10:10

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Hello,I am 18 years old.I did my Kenya Certificate of Secondary Exams last year and managed to score a B+.I am looking forward to joining Narok University College early next year.Unfortunately chances of being admitted are slim as i am an orphan hence no financial ability.I will be happy if you consider me for a scholarship.Yours sincerely,Anthony Ndolo.
14 Oct 2011 @ 04:28

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I am daniel ngacha studying at prayers are that you will not let me drop out of college just before am done with the next two last semesters,i seriously need some financial assistance.thank you.
19 Oct 2011 @ 10:58

Erick M.
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Hi,I am a 1st year module 2 student at the University of Nairobi doin a B.A Degree in Journalism and media studies.i'm a 5th born in a family of six,living with a single mum.i am realy interested in your schorlaship since my parent is having a difficult time to pay my fees.i am ambitious an hardworking and i believe i'll not be of waste..thank you in advance.
20 Oct 2011 @ 01:51

stephen akal
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i am STEPHEN 22years old a student at Presbyterian university of east Africa taking degree in psychology, due to the fact that I come from a financially challenged I am unable pay my fees hence has been out almost one semester.It is only you I have confidence on that can help me achieved my dream
31 Oct 2011 @ 05:02

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Hello. I am a fourth born in a family of eight, living with a single parent,mother. She is a peasant farmer in the dry land of Mwingi. Of all my siblings, i am the only one who managed to go to high school. I am supposed to join the University of Nairobi to pursue a degree in B.SC [Range Management] but up to now i have not been registered due to a balance of 12,500 shillings. I am really willing to learn to eradicate poverty from our family. Please help me achieve this dream. Thanks.
03 Nov 2011 @ 06:48

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Hello. I am the eldest in a family of four. My mother,who is a teacher is my only parent since my father died. I attained an A minus in last years KCSE and although I was supposed to get admission through JAB but this was not so. Can you you please grant me your scholarship since my mother is unable to pay university for me. I will be eternally grateful to you.
09 Nov 2011 @ 07:17

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Hi am 18 years old fourth born, i completed my k.c.s.e the year 2010 and am looking foward to joining kenyatta university for nursing degree parents are undergoing a hard task since they could not make it for the four children who the three are in colleges and universities.i will be grateful for your assistance.God bless you.
09 Nov 2011 @ 11:41

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Greetings! I am 18 year old who is talented to continues with education but having financial problem, i complited secontary the year 2010 i would like your asstance please,God bless you
10 Nov 2011 @ 11:58

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I am very much interested in the university scholarships and would be very much happy to get one. i would like to take a degree in electrical and electronics engeneering but am afraid tha I can not make it due to financial disabillities.
Please, if at all there is anyone out there willing to help me, I will appreciate.
Thank you and God bless you.
07 Dec 2011 @ 10:47

Steve Ezrah
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Pls, I'd really appreciate if I got this schorlarship. I come a humble but overburdened family, and so I cant really meet the cost of University Education. I humbly request you to grant me a Scholarship, so I can enrol for an Education Course. I have a passion for teaching.
30 May 2012 @ 01:43

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i would like to enquire 4 the diploma coarses duration and the fee payment
01 Jun 2012 @ 11:04

njoki simon njenga 924
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7 I'm a registered student at Narok University admission no.PA/1001/2012. Im a parallel degree student from a single parent family. Financially, im not able. Can i get a scholarship?
06 Jun 2012 @ 10:47

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Helow saviours.Am Ahmed Bishar,a 3rd year Module 2 student at the University Of Nairobi.I am the first born in a family of 8.3 good semesters are remaining before am awarded a degree and the chances of that hapeng are very low due to the fact tht am from a poor family wit one sibling in college and the others in high school, of which all are expensed through a canteen.A Bright future for me and my siblings seems to rest on your hands.please help and God bless you to the brim
07 Jun 2012 @ 09:59

emmanuel ahuya
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hello, am very much honoured to say that GOD really is great. I come from a single poor family. My mum is unable to pay for my fee at the University of Nairobi where am persuing a degree in education. Right now am at home due to fee balance i will be greatful for your support.
23 Jun 2012 @ 01:08

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hello, am a student at kca university doing degree in computer science(IT)i do pay my school fees through my small retail shop located at pipeline. unfortunately i got accident 28/7/2012 and have closed the business. have not yet resumed classes for this semester, am just looking forward to see if i can get my school fees. i will be glad of your support and consideration.

06 Sep 2012 @ 05:28

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Hello, i am timothy kipchumba and i got a B in kcse last year.i wanted to pursue my undergradute degree but i am unable due to financial status of my family.i kindly request for your assistance.
16 Sep 2012 @ 02:24

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Hello,I am job masibo admission no.EDS/0044/12 age 22.A first year at Masinde muliro university of science and Technology,persuing a degree course in Bachelor of education(social sciences).We are opening in January for our second semister but i do not see the avenues of getting the required school fees.
My parents are just small scale farmers and the little gotten we use as foo.So am looking for someone or an organization in a position to lend a hand,so that my dreams are realised.Contacts;0710706597.

17 Dec 2012 @ 05:46

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I do not think this site offers any scholarships as an entity but it can serve as a source of information on where to get them.There are a few full and some partial scholarships offered at the United States International University.Strathmore university also offers scholarships to students with grades of A- and above.Strathmore also offers scholarship places for EABL funded scholarships which are also available to students who have secured admission to public universities via Joint Admissions Board.You can also borrow a loan from Rattansi Trust or Africa Development Bank(strathmore university students).There are many other opportunities available and corporates,foundations and organizations that offer scholarships.Just do enough research and apply without giving up.Remember to pray too.
18 Dec 2012 @ 08:50

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05 Mar 2013 @ 05:11

joshua amollo
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Hello,i am jpshua amollo admission No.E35s/14438/2011 age 19 first year at Kenyatta university school of education persuing a degree course in BED arts.
Am totally orphan,am looking for sources or organisation in a position to lend a hand,so my childhood dream can be realised.contacts 0701715855,,i'll be grateful for any assistance accorded.Yours faithfully,joshua amollo

11 Mar 2013 @ 01:22

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I did my KCSE certificate 2012 and managed to get [A-]74 points from a day school iam looking forward to joining a university in september to pursue electrical and electronic engineering and i would like a sponsor due to financial problem[]
20 Mar 2013 @ 12:48

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I am pursue a BTECH in Applied Statistics at Technical University of Kenya.I have real financial problems due to death of father who was my sponser,I request for your scholarship
22 Mar 2013 @ 01:34

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Am Festus Kimutai, i did my KCSE 2012 and get B+ (73). i did best in sciences, kindly i request for scholarship in order to study medicine at Nairobi University.
01 Apr 2013 @ 10:44

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Hi, am Eddy Ashioya, I did my KCSE in 2012 and managed a mean grade of B+. I would love to pursue a law degree at the University of Nairobi or Kenyatta University but due to financial constraints its hard, but if I get a sponsor I assure him/her that they will not be disappointed for helping me. Thanks in advance.
03 Apr 2013 @ 02:52

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I did my kcse in 2012 and got an A- of 78 points ,I wanna persue medicne,thogh private sponsored student,plz can I secure scholrship even if its partial pllllzzzzz
26 Apr 2013 @ 04:03

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