Is it wrong to be baptized more than once?

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I have been baptized more than thrice due to various reasons! First i was baptized as a kid in Anglican then my parents moved to SDA where i had to be baptized again because they do not approve of child baptism! in high school i went to baptism twice in the same church because i did not want to miss an outing! after school, i started attending a pentecoastal church where my fiance goes and they convinced me to get baptized again because they do not approve how the other churches conduct baptism! i do not feel good about all these and may God forgive me if it is sin! my query is, why dont churches have the same mode of baptism if they preach the same salvation? is it wrong to be baptized more than once?


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it has to do with what you believe the right baptism is. nothing is wrong it happened in the bible when the disciples of John the baptist believed and were baptized a second time by paul.
07 Jul 2013 @ 10:16

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I believe for you it is a clear understanding of the doctrine of baptism that led you again into the water to have to be baptized afresh. It is true to say that it is the faith with which you go into baptism that gives baptism its meaning. When someone is not baptized without faith in Jesus, they only go into the water as dry sinners and come out as wet sinners and it just to them becomes another ritual that has no significance nor symbolism in their lives.

It is not wrong to be baptised again when the earlier baptism were not really baptisms just as i would say it is important to get born again if what you thought you had done or was done to you is not really salvation.
27 Aug 2013 @ 05:16

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I don't really know if it is wrong , what i know is that one baptism is just enough , but if it is wrong i believe God will forgive you because i believe that when you do what is wrong without knowing that it is wrong and ask for forgiveness from God, He will hear you and forgive you your sin . What is wrong is doing what you know is wrong .
11 Dec 2013 @ 04:22

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