How to prepare and pass in KCSE.

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Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education is one exam that is dreaded by many in high schools.Its mention causes ripples of shivers among those who are to do it.This is so because this examination is the key to a person's future as it decides whether one will or will not join the university and other institutions of higher learning and also which course one will undertake.This is the stage when one is in great soul searching to discover oneself as your future depends on it.Mostly when one is in form four he or she faces tonnes of pressure from parents,siblings,teachers and the society at large to perform and produce enviable results.Most of the candidates who haveva phobia for this exam mostly fail to prepare well thus end up failing this exam.With my previous experience i deviced several methods one can use to guarantee himself or herself success.This methods require hardwork,being smart and be on the look-out at all times.
These methods are;
One has to identify these hindrances such as;Disorganization,lack of motivation,divided minds,lack of interes(you always remember what you like and forget what you don't) and misleading friends among others.
One huge step one has to take is deciding to work under any conditions whether desirable or not.
One has to discover the examination tactics by doing exercises from different sources mostly revision books and past papers then giving your teachers to look at them and advise you.accordingly.Once one is conversant with this language the next step is thorough and frequent practise.
Revision requires self-discipline.One has to plan their time properly and come up with a time-table to that effect.In setting up a time-table one has to understand the times when one has a fresh mind such as in the morning and when one is tired inorder to do proper time investment.Subjects that require a lot of concentration such as Mathematics and Physics to be put early in the morning and the others later in the day.Exercising and playing should be included to refresh one's mind.Proper revision can be achieved by doing frequent practise by tackling many pastpapers and fowarding them for marking by teachers.One should do revisions months before the exam.This enables one to understand and increases retainity.Once marking is done make sure to revise your work and make sure you can tackle the paper or all those questions comfortably with a lot of ease.It is always advisable to tackle pastpaper or an exercise more than once as this brings confidence and surerity.The most effective items to revise adequately few months before the exam are different district mock examinations usually done in July.This is so because they give a hint with comparison of many districts of what may come in the final exam.These exams are also advisable because they are set to the examination standards.This i trust will bring good results.Thus a student during the August holidays should as theirs parents or guardians to buy for them these mock examination revision booklets.
During revision it is always advisable to consult teachers andbyour fellow students in areas not clear to you.In consulting it is also advisable to try and teach your fellow students in areas you understand as this enables one to retain and undertand the topic or question more.
Revision is the most crucial part of exam preparation and one must make sure to go through all high school work and have proper understanding.
With all that is done one has to prepare for the examination period too.
During the examination period most bright students waste themselves and end up failing.This is associated with the laxity that comes that comes with the examination period.This examination period comes with a lot of free time which if misused might be disastrous. The best advisable thing to do is hold group discussions in the various subjects.
With all these i hope you are informed and put on your working gears for good results.All the best and may the university gates open for you.


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The key to pass any eximination is proper preparation, as a student you need to work hard and read on a daily basis, and avoid straining yourself during exams. As a student you need to be very displine and know what you want to achieve.
01 Feb 2014 @ 05:20

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I loved your idea , the key to success is hardwork and developing a positive attitude to your education and teachers . You should believe in yourself and you will make it !!
02 Feb 2014 @ 03:22

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