Effects of politics on education in Kenya

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Being the year of jubilee for Kenya, the system of education has undergone transition since independence. It is obvious that the change has been positive as the education system has greatly improved.

During mzee jommo Kenyatta’s era, education was made available to all children irrespective of race, creed, gender or tribe. Racial segregation of schools was also abolished. This gave Africans the opportunity to learn and become skilled in other fields such as teaching and even medicine. However, the first president wasn’t really keen on education but still made an impact in the field.

In his successor’s era, education improved in a great way. Here, there was the introduction of the 8-4-4 system. This was preferred to the 7-4-2-2 system in that it was less technical. President Moi also introduced the nyayo milk program. This prompted children to go to school so as to get the free milk. In this way, children attained education he also increased the number of universities to four namely; University of Nairobi, moi, Kenyatta and Egerton universities. Last but not least, the number of primary and secondary schools increased as well.

The era of his Excellency the retired Mr. Kibaki has been really significant in the transition of the education system. The largest impact was made by the free education initiative for primary school goers. This enabled children whose parents are financially impaired to go to school. Over the decade, the number of students both male and female has greatly increased. Adding to this, it’s during this era that some of the colleges have been upgraded to universities which have improved from four to fifteen or more.

The new UHURUTO government in their manifesto promised the provision of solar powered laptops to the standard one pupils. Though it seems impossible, the government has said that the laptops will be given out to the incoming standard 1 pupils. The question is… will they all be in a position to operate the laptop? What about the students who write on the ground with sticks? Are they all computer literate? President Uhuru also promised to re-introduce the milk program Lets just wait and see if they will be true to their word? Who knows? Maybe more education policies are introduced? Information communication technology has greatly influenced our county’s educational sector. Everything is actually getting computerized. Is it that we will come to get that once in life all hardware perspective will be eradicated and everything turned into software? Is it that people are heavily becoming over dependent on the computers and forgetting that they can shut down at a particular time and it will require reference to hardware material for repairs? It started with calculators at first, then computer as a subject and now it’s gotten to level where even students don’t need to carry books to school, all they will have is a laptop and a charger……………. Whats next….. Chips to be inserted into our brains to work as specialized brains? Politics and education…. Is it really a good package?


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