Scholarships for Degree and Diploma Students in Kenya

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The Kenya Youth Education Scholarship Fund

Application forms can be obtained from any Foundation Institute of Africa centres at Kshs. 250 (Diploma) and Ksh. 500(Undergraduate) in the following centres:
  • Nairobi: KPCU Building, Haile Sellasie Avenue, 5th Floor, K&K Wing, P.O. BOX 48730-00100 GPO Nairobi, Telephone: (+254 20) 2212508/9, Cellphone: 0713 403793
  • Kisumu: Milimani Estate, Nehru Road, near Milimani Resort, P.O. BOX 19605-40123, Kisumu, Cellphone 0715-350197
  • Mombasa: Tudor Estate, Tom Mboya Road, near Mombasa Polytechnic, P.O. BOX 83006-80100, Mombasa, Kenya, Telephone: (+254 041) 2013569, Cellphone: 0715 350198
  • Eldoret: Rehema Complex next to Co-operative Bank Room 10


  • Sponsorship application form
  • Calling letter from the university (for those applying for undergraduate)
  • Copy of certificate or result slip
  • Copy of leaving certificate
  • Attachment of a statement (not more than one page) showing your financial neediness

Who Qualifies to Apply

Sponsorship is open to students who sat their KCSE from 2008 for undergraduate programme and attained a mean grade of B- (minus) and C- and above for diploma programme

Selection will be based on outstanding academic performance and financial need

Only short listed candidates will be contacted

The Sponsorship Selection Committee decision is final

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I come from a family of 12, graduated at F4 with a mean grade of C+. Envied to be an Engineer but all my hopes are dashed, shattered dreams due to financial constraints back home because I've to sacrifice for the young. Need your helping hand to get me back to class of which I'll be more than a jubilant. Thankyou.
01 May 2011 @ 01:00

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Am a 22 year old kenyan citizen.Having left high school in the year 2008, with a grade of B(64),I hoped and wished to join university(JKUAT Where I had secured a place)for a course in financial engineering. But due to financial restrain, I have been forced to shelf my ambition. Through KYESF I see my dreams caming to fruition. I take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to KYESF for this platform dedicated to transforming lives. Hail KYESF
11 May 2011 @ 02:11

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am graduate in eldoret aviation instituteafter persuing a diploma in airport operation an flight dispatch management and scored a distinction of 81 and i would like to apply for scholarship to expand my career in aviation.i look to here from you.
20 May 2011 @ 06:24

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All applications for the listed scholarships should be submitted using the contact details given above.
23 May 2011 @ 01:11

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Am a four school leaver in the year 2011.I managed to score a mean grade of a C(plain).My career I see it coming because this scolarship may be fallen on me.I have done my IC3 COURSE together with Advanced Certificate In Computer Application(ACCA) Ihad been expecting manner to fall down as in the time of Nuhu,so that I increase my salary in future by persuing my career course that is ACCOUNTS.For now I have no option because am at home(KENYA)
24 May 2011 @ 06:29

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Am a four school leaver in the year 2011.I managed to score a mean grade of a C(plain).My career I see it coming because this scholarship may be fallen on me.I have done my INTERNET AND CORE COMPUTING CERTIFICATION COURSE together with Advanced Certificate In Computer Application. I had been expecting manner to fall down as in the time of Nuhu,so that I increase my salary in future by pursuing my career course that is ACCOUNTS.For now I have no option because am at home(KENYA)
24 May 2011 @ 06:32

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I am form four leaver who finished in 2010. Am interested in this scholarship and intend to apply for it. I was just wondering if you can tell us the deadline for submitting the application forms.
25 May 2011 @ 01:49

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I am interested in applying for scholarship to pursue further education. I did my certificate in First Line Supervision and further continue to Diploma in Quantity Surveying at the Fiji National University. I want to continue pursuing in Degree in Quantity Surveying but due to poor family and financial problem it makes me freeze at my home island. I really appreciate if given a chance.
25 May 2011 @ 04:57

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i am stephen makau kenyan citizen aged 20 yrs!i sat for my forth form examination back in 2009 an obtained an agregate of A-,it has always been my dream 2 persue a degree in aeronautical engineering but i just found myself landin at kimathi university college where i am persuing a degree in B.S electrical and electronic engineering!am lookin for a scholarship on aeronautical engineering please help me!
07 Jun 2011 @ 05:30

silvester m mutisya
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I appreciate all what F
22 Jun 2011 @ 08:20

silvester m mutisya
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I appreciate all what KYESF does.Thanks a lot.
22 Jun 2011 @ 08:23

Pattie M
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Following my completion of my O-levels back in the year 2009 I managed mean grade C-Pain.I have always aspired of being a broadcast journalist but my dreams are at verge of being jeopardized by financial insecurity.I used to write articles also participated in writing competitions and once manged to scoop the first place in a competition dubbed;"Termination of Female Genital Mutilation".I had also participated in the writing on ;"The Effects of The Post-Election Violence on Women and Children" among other competitions.I hereby wish to ask for financial assistance in order for me to make my dreams come true.This will also improve my skills on writing and broadcasting hence I will use my to serve and build the Nation at large.I will appreciate. Thanks in advance.
28 Jun 2011 @ 06:24

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Please contact The Kenya Youth Education Scholarship Fund directly using the contact details provided on this post.
30 Jun 2011 @ 09:51

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Hi? I am a student at Mount Kenya University pursuing Bachelor of Development Studies.i came from pastoralist community where livestocks are the main source of income so since drought is the order of day in Northern Kenya which increases death stolls due to lack of pastures during this season that discourages and affects my dreams.for all these reasons i request for your assistance.thanks in advance. Hi? I am a student at Mount Kenya University pursuing Bachelor of Development Studies.i came from pastoralist community where livestocks are the main source of income so since drought is the order of day in Northern Kenya which increases death stolls due to lack of pastures during this season that discourages and affects my dreams.for all these reasons i request for your assistance.thanks in advance.
08 Jul 2011 @ 12:35

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Am current studing at Riftvalley Institute of science and Technology pursuing Diploma in Business administration.I come from poor background and i am facing alot of financial challenges.How can access your financial aid? Am current studing at Riftvalley Institute of science and Technology pursuing Diploma in Business administration.I come from poor background and i am facing alot of financial challenges.How can access your financial aid?
12 Jul 2011 @ 04:16

Mercy Amu
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l completed my form four in 2008,attained the mean grade of B-,Have a dream of pursuing degree in pharmacy from University of Nairobi.
15 Jul 2011 @ 06:06

Mercy Amu
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l completed my form four in 2008,attained the mean grade of B-,Have a dream of pursuing degree in pharmacy from University of Nairobi.
15 Jul 2011 @ 06:06

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I am deaf boy and completed form four not of 2008 and i now have some certificate and Diploma but need to pursue my dream course which is Degree in any university of Kenya.
19 Jul 2011 @ 04:40

esian ngugi
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am more than grateful to have gotten this link,i completed my form four in 2008 and since then i have struggled up and down to at least attain a course but i have manage to pay for computer packages with the help of my mother who works as a shoe shiner for us to earn a living,it has been two years with no hope but thanks to God for letting me know about you,i hope you can make my dream of doing a diploma in business administration can true, and i shall be grateful for the rest of my life i would like to confirm how one knows if she/he has been selected since i have applied twice without any response. regards
23 Jul 2011 @ 09:03

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I am an orphan and i did my form four exam last year managing to get a mean grade of B- I would wish to pursue a diploma course in education or be assisted to attend any teachers training college.I am an orphan and i did my form four exam last year managing to get a mean grade of B- I would wish to pursue a diploma course in education or be assisted to attend any teachers training college.
26 Jul 2011 @ 07:20

charles muiruri
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I come from humble family,my father passed away few years back before i joined high school.most of the time i spent at home due to lack of school fee and managed to get a B-.My mother could not be able to pay for college fee nor was there some one to support ,i applied for bursary in vain so i struggled for 1year finding the currently taking diploma in pharmacy and all the fee i had saved is now exhausted and i now have to drop out. .kindly consider my request.Thank you in advance.
09 Aug 2011 @ 01:28

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I come from a humble background,i was raised with a single parent who was not able to pay my fees,because she was unemployed, in my family am the only one who has managed to finish form four and that was through the help of our church regular contributions,i finished high school and scored a mean grade of c+. I will be greatful if your consider me and i promise to work hard to achieve my goals.
06 Sep 2011 @ 04:44

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I'm a Kenyan aged 22, sat for my KCSE in 2009 and attained a mean grade of B-(59 outof 84 points) I had applied for a Bachelor of Education(Arts) in Egerton University I secured a place there and was supposed to report on 19 August this year but due to finacial constraits back at home,I had to defer for three months.I now request for help from any wellwisher before the end of this period.Please help me.
12 Sep 2011 @ 05:51

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I am a male student aged 19.I come from turkana county where I went to my primary and secondary schools.Being from an economically unstable background of a single parent family of a mother of 7,I faced formiddable difficulties financing my education' precisely at the secondary school level.However the catholic parish of Lorugum stepped in to assist me financially upon my own vivid explanation to them of the problems I was facing then.Its helping hand saw me through high school successfully to attainment of a mean grade of B+(73 POINTS).At present I am pursuing a degree in nutrition and dietetics at SEUCO(A constituent college of the university of Nairobi).A grant of this scholarship to me would be without doubt a springboard to greater heights in life of not just myself alone but also to a greater part my county especially the poor because this too is one of my dreams.Thanks.
12 Sep 2011 @ 08:18

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when is the next intake
15 Sep 2011 @ 05:31

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I am an orphaned kenyan aged 20 years.I managed to score a mean of C plain in my kcse and wish to be financed in pursuing a diploma in Computer and Software engineering.I believe you will assist me.
27 Sep 2011 @ 05:09

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Iam Jackson Lengume from mwatate, coast. I completed high school year 2009, from Taita Academy under a school's scholarship. I attained B-(58 points). I would like to be a teacher. Please assist me.
03 Oct 2011 @ 07:04

Mwangi mukuria
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My Name is Mwangi.
Am in Nakuru and would like to get the form,kindly assist.
05 Oct 2011 @ 04:28

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Iam very happy for being considered to come for scholarship interview. Iam now in financial deadbeat, please be patient with me, i have tried to raise 1000/= application fee as required, and the fare to and fro 1000/= without success. Please, i beleave there will be another interview, be it december or 2012, i will make it. +254716837869. Thank you.
09 Oct 2011 @ 08:25

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I am a 21 year old male.I studied computer science at Kenyatta university but dropped out just after my first year due to lack of fees.Am now sitting back at home waiting for a new admission to Moi university.I am from a family of 12,so its so hard for my dad to educate us.I would be very happy if you conside me for the scholarship because am planning to be a very good programmer in future
06 Mar 2012 @ 09:50

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Am a 20 year old youth.sat for my kcpe in 2010.i scored a b plain(60)due to poverty.i have not joined univarsity yet.please help
15 Mar 2012 @ 02:10

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Am aged 17yrs just cleared my form 4 last year.i came from a family of 7 wit a single mam.i hav a twin n it hav been quite a challange to pay for both of us school fees.i attained a c+ n wish to finance at tha university bt due to lack of tuition fee am unable.
17 Mar 2012 @ 04:56

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I am a guy aged 19 years.I finished high school last year and managed to score a grade A-. I have always longed to be a pilot but the financial status of my family cannot allow it. I am planning to undertake the course from Moi University but ahead of me is darkness.I hereby request any well wisher or organization to come into help. I can be reached through . THANK YOU IN ADVANCE

25 Mar 2012 @ 02:07

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Am Ayub Wambulwa aged 19 and did my KCSE in 2011 from an orphanage school I was brought up from and currently stay in due to lose of parents. I got B plain and would like to take degree in clinical medicine but may fail due to financial status. HELP.
26 Mar 2012 @ 03:14

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am very happy to know of scholarships 4 needy students . personally i face financial constraints and am very ready to apply 4 a scholarship.thanks 4 this support!
17 Apr 2012 @ 03:51

mesh chengo
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I sat for my K.C.S.E in 2010.I managed to score a mean grade of B plus of 72 points.I joined Kibabii university a constituent university of masinde muliro in Bungoma.I applied for HELB loan but I was not awarded because the form lacked my mother's signature.Im from a single parent family and my mum is only but a farmer.Where in Bungoma can I get this form?Im needy.
20 Apr 2012 @ 12:16

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I finished my form four level in 2009 and attained a mean grade of B-(58pnts) with a C in physics,B in maths& aim is to do computer science but my dreams are forced to die off due to as iam hopeless..
21 Apr 2012 @ 03:12

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I am Martin Mugo.I did my KCSE last year and managed to score B(minus) 58points.Currently am still at home waiting for January to go to university of my choice.Am brought up from a single parent from a humble family since i was born.I would like to pursue a degree course of civil engineering but my mother has no option but only staying home due to poverty.He earns less from various jobs here and there whereby the money he shows is for finding the family of seven due to the poverty that engulfed my family i could not.So please i willappreciate if i can findschorlaship or sponsorshipto make my dream come true.Thank you in advance.
30 Apr 2012 @ 05:37

c jacob
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@kenyaplex(KYESF),am Jacob,got to help a friend join a degree in Law,is name Silas Chesire,he has a deaf mother and his father has been unable to assist him and worst of all he is been sick lately,Silas scored 387(1°),joined Tenges,unlucky dropped out in form 3 due to fees problems,stayed home for 1 year,great resilience made him back but this time to Crater View Day,Nakuru,he finally made with a B- in 2009.Has been home since then.Willing to assist but will take me years to earn a job in TSC.KYESF your consideration for Silas will be a blessing.
08 May 2012 @ 05:05

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15 May 2012 @ 07:38

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hi i would like to have sponsorhiop to complete my diploma in theology
15 May 2012 @ 08:39

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hi please please i really do need your help, am a 25 year old lady Kenyan resident i know am out of the requirements that you need, but i believe i should be persistent with my dream of becoming a banker. i had a mean grade of B pain in 2005 and come from a family of a single mother with three siblings. please consider my plea THANKS IN ADVANCE
28 May 2012 @ 06:50

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My brother applied for a diploma in ECD and has recieved sms that he has been considered and he's suppose to pay a certain amount slightly above Ksh.5000 in seven days, the money is to be diposited to a bank account with Equity. so please, I just want to confirm so as to be sure the exact amount to be deposited and the account number.
Thank you, Masudi O. from Mombasa.
29 May 2012 @ 02:31

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This is Rachael who really needs your help please. I did my K.C.S.E 2010 and i attained a mean grade of C+. I have been aspiring to do bachelor in nursing and public health in Kenyatta university, but my dream is perishing because my mother is unable to pay for my further studies. so kindly help me to see my dream fulfilled.
Rachael Mutheu from Mwingi
02 Jun 2012 @ 02:55

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Am Anthony Njenga currently doing a diploma in electrical and electronic engineering at the kenya polytechnic university college
My mother has been the financia but currently alot of problems have been hindering this
I have only two semesters left to my graduation so please help me finish these two semesters by paying my school fees
02 Jun 2012 @ 10:40

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Am aform four leaver and in need of your help.i applied for scholarship in your learning institution but have not received response so calleb ouma owuoth with c+ in can reach me at or 0728654158.thanks in advance.
10 Jun 2012 @ 10:44

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I'm a form four leaver 2010 and i managed to get a mean grade of B-,I have a dream that one day i would be an engineer but due to the financial status of my family,i have not pursued electrical help me by sponsoring me.Thanks in advance.
11 Jun 2012 @ 02:51

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I came from afamily of 8 children. I sat KCSE in the year 2011 and atain mean grade of C-. I'm hopping to join rift valley institute of science and technology for adiploma course in civil engenearing but i dont see if my father who is a small scale farmer will be able to pay my fees. I'm kindly reguesting you to help me.
23 Jun 2012 @ 12:48

wyclife atandi
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This Wycliffe Atandi,i manage a minimum grade of B-{minus} in the last year's K.c.s.e exams{2011},but all my efforts of taking a degree course have been shortlived due financial constraint.I was requesting if you could help further my carrier.
My email address,contacts 0701112740.
25 Jun 2012 @ 08:00

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I graduated with a diploma in Electronics in the year 2009 and passed with a credit pass. Am interested to do a bachelor of science in computer science. Is there a way I can get a sponsorship? My email address is lmugambi40[at] Thanks
29 Jun 2012 @ 03:41

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I am a student at the mombasa polytechnic college,taking a course in computing department(Diploma in IT),I stopped one semester learning due to financial problems,I have tried my best to keep myself in the line of studying but it is hard for me since the little money am investing is only the money i can cutter for for my family with,i have only few semesters of projects left,please i need your help in this.
I appreciate.
05 Jul 2012 @ 01:26

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I am a student at nyeri technical training institute,taking a diploma in pharmaceutical technology,I forced to stop learning due to financial problems,as its one semester remaining for me to finish the course,am an orphan,where all my relatives are not financially stable,please help me
06 Jul 2012 @ 12:25

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I am a student at kenyatta university and i wish to apply for the scholarship so as to enable me pursue my academics, am a total orphan from low financial background family. I will kindly appreciate your support.
14 Jul 2012 @ 02:52

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I'm a Kenyan male aged 20,from a humble background and a form four leaver. I attained a B-(minus)grade and due to financial constraints am unable to pursue my studies as I have been desiring in the field of Civil Engineering. It will be my joy to see you help my dreams come true
07 Aug 2012 @ 12:46

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my dream was frustrated due to financial constraints and thereby soliciting for sponsorship to enable me accomplish my studies as I have ever desired. It will be my joy to see you accord me your favour.
07 Aug 2012 @ 12:50

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I am mutwiwa from jkuat .I come from poor background.Iwish to seek assistance from you
18 Aug 2012 @ 02:15

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Am a kenyan citizen who cleared high school in 2011.first born in a family of five.i attained grade B plain in my kcse exam.Due to financial constrains i need help in order to go ahead with my education.aspiring to b a nurse graduate from nairobi university.May GOD bless u all as u prepare to assit
24 Aug 2012 @ 01:53

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I am Dennis Mbithi , i completed my form four in the year 2005 with a mean grade of C-,is there any way i can be able to secure any help to continue my college education? My email is : Thank you.
25 Aug 2012 @ 03:52

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Am an alumni of siakago boys having cleared in the year 2011 attaining a mean grade of an A(minus). I am an orphan and with no financial aid.Having been offered admission in kisii university for a bachelor of actuarial science i beg for a consideration for a scholarship.
27 Aug 2012 @ 09:04

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I sat for my KCSE in 2007 where I got an aggregate B+ of 73 points ,I got a calling letter from the University of Nairobi for Bachelor of Education in Science ,to join in 2009. I deffered for 2 years to work for my school fees,I fortunately joined in 2011 and tranferred to Bachelor of Arts in Economics,tourism and Communication only to drop out before I completed first year due to lack of funds to sustain me in school and a gloomy future because I lacked fees for the second year, I'm from a humble backgound ,a family of nine children me being the firstborn ,my parents are peasant farmers and unable to raise even food. I beg for help please ,someone hear my cry.+254732844384
30 Aug 2012 @ 06:41

Stanley Juma
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Am Stanley. I completed my secondary education last year 2011 and attained A- of 79 points. I am a total orphan with my little siblings to take care of. I am going to join Nairobi university but I fear am not able to raise the joining fee n money for upkeep. please help me because am stranded. thank you.
27 Oct 2012 @ 02:11

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May i confirm herein if there is anybody who has ever benefited from this scholarship since it was started? I have not heard of anybody myself who has benefited from this scholarship. Do you know any please?
28 Oct 2012 @ 05:18

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i am an orphan boy,currently studying Bachelor of Computer Technology at Kenyapoly. I dreadfully face financial difficulties since there no one to my rescue.Infact due to this finacial challenge i contemplate to defer my studies untill i get the right tyme to continues.kindly me on
05 Nov 2012 @ 05:37

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Application for the Wangari Mathai scholarship is now open. For the first time being introduced in Kenya.
You can find more details on and apply for the scholarship.
05 Nov 2012 @ 05:16

Kelvin njau
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hae??am Kelvin,, 18 yrs old,,, a Kenyan. from kiambu county,, I completed my high school in 2011 n managed to score a B of 62 points,,, I ambitiously wanted to pursue medicine and because the Creator is great I got a chance in Kenya medical training college (KMTC) Nairobi campus, here is where am pursuing ma diploma in pharmacy before I advance to my degree and up to the masters level...Been the firstborn am dah mirror to ma family mostly ma class eight brother and relatives,,bt am having a financial problem been a parrallel student ,,,please please help me through my email.. thanks in advance
12 Nov 2012 @ 01:27

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I'm mutunga and the last born in family of five.I'm only in the family who have made up to form four and got C plus inK.C.S.E .am now looking for goodhaerted person to sponser mi for diploma in IT/Busness managmenr in number 0712070540
21 Nov 2012 @ 06:23

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Anne:am a student at The Mombasa Polytechnic taking a diploma in electrical not in a position to pay my fees due to financial problems back home.i will gladly appreciate your help.i have tried to contact the number that you have given but its not in number is 0721654895.please help me to locate you.
11 Jan 2013 @ 07:40

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I am a 3rd year student at the University of eastern Africa, Baraton pursuing a BSC. Medical Laboratory Science and so far I can't continue with my studies due to financial constraints.
I have been on and off my course just to pave way for my follower brothers and sisters to also climb the ladder of education.
Prayerfully looking for a scholarship that can help me clear my studies.
My contacts(
Thanks in advance.
14 Jan 2013 @ 02:05

Johnbush Babu
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My name is Moses.Am blessed to finish my fourth form in 2011 and scored a mean grade of C+ of 49 points under some difficulties.My intrest is to persue a Diploma in Tv & Radio production.It will be a light to my life and opportuinity to advance my knoledge in this digital world when I get the scollarship.

Please you can contact me through
Thanks very much and God bless you.
19 Jan 2013 @ 03:59

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My name is Judith, I did my KCSE in the year 2011 and managed a c+ of 52 points.My ambition was to become an accountant but seems shattered due to lack of finance i have to work hard to provide for my siblings and family.If i get financial assistance i will appreciate so much.
22 Jan 2013 @ 02:29

Geoffrey Mukabana
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What requirement is need for those who have finished college and are in need to persue to university for a degree?
26 Jan 2013 @ 12:31

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Am Antony kitsao from kilifi county,Ganze district.Both my parents died in the year 1997.My guardian was lef with a family of eight children.we have persued our primary and secondary enducation through bursaries.i managed to score a mean grade of c there is no money for me to report to college.please help
04 Feb 2013 @ 08:58

Aslan Vayol
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I'm 22 years old and I sat for my KCSE in 2010 and scored B-(57 points).I have a dream of pursuing a Degree in HRM but the challenge is that I come from a single parent family who can't raise fees for,so kindly help to see me realize my dream in life.thank you in advance.
13 Feb 2013 @ 04:08

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i applied for a scholarship in ecd and i have received a message saying i should deposit 5700 in account with equity. is this true or fraudulent

05 Mar 2013 @ 05:31

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hi am fred nyangena nyang'au. I did my exams in my secondary level and scored a mean grade of B plain of 60 points in last year's exams which dettered my ambition of getting university entry and am looking for your help my access 0726346074
06 Mar 2013 @ 01:00

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I am Eyapan Natieng Zedekiah from Turkana south constituency in Turkana County. I finished form in 2012 and scored a mean grade of C plain. I would like to continue with studies bt cannot due to lack of money since my parents are peasant farmers. please your consideration will be appreciated. thanks.
16 Mar 2013 @ 07:00

robinson mulwa mutia
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I am robinson mulwa from nairobi ,i sat for my kcse examinations 2012 and i scored a mean grade of B-(minus) of 57 points and my family cannot afford to take me to parallel university because of financial problems may i get help from you.
01 Apr 2013 @ 08:46

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Am Kimutai Festus and i finished my secondary education last year with mean grade of B+ of 73 points. i did best in sciences and my dream of studying medicine at University of Nairobi is diminishing due to financial problems. please help me with scholarship to make my career successful and help other kenyans in future.
May Almighty God Bless You.
01 Apr 2013 @ 10:32

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Am javanly joseph,did my kcse in 2011 and attained B(61).Am a total orphan who completed high school from my principals contribution.I always hope that at one time i will pursue my dream of journalism and mass communication which i've applied for two times and not able to join due to lack of any money . I therefore ask for your assistance;helb,private scholarship and any person who may be able to assist me.
04 Apr 2013 @ 12:59

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
I am Nelly osidha a kenyan citizen aged 19.I completed high school in 2011 and got a mean grade c-plain of 42 points. My deram course has always been to study travel and tourism management at utalii college but this has not able to come true due to financial disability in our family. We are 12 siblings and my jobless parents are struggling with us. With the help of constituency development fund i was able to complete my high school but now am unable to proceed to higher institituon of learning. Please come to my rescue i really want to work for my country. My phone number is 0710457681.My email address is
10 Apr 2013 @ 12:14

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 12
hallo well wishers,am nganga.i sat for my kcse in 2012 and scored a mean grade of A-(minus) my dream was to study dad left us 5 years ago and he dnt care,my mother cant afford to pay for a parrallel degree yet i havent qualified for a regular pleading to u all to help me in order to persue my degree either in the local universities or abroad.please help.
10 Apr 2013 @ 01:56

denis miseda
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 10
I am currently a student at Maseno university-main campus taking Bsc (maths & computer science). I am a partial orphan. i have documents to proove that. Am a needy students who has just survived under help of C.D.F plus my grandmothers help. Kindly assist me becouse what you are doing is wonderful to the needy. thank you for your human heart.
12 Apr 2013 @ 02:36

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 9
Iam Anekea Daniel aged 24 yrs old,, I come from a humble family,,, I finished my high school the year 2009 and attained a min grade of B-, my prayer was to join university after high school but my dreams was unsuccessful,, I joined a college Kenya Institute of Management,,, of which I did not complete my course,, reason being the course I was doing was not of my choise,,, I got a job shortwhile,, I earn 20000 of which cant surstain my compus joining,,,thise month am planning to take a loan to apply for compus,, Multimedia university, am planning to do an engineering course that goes for ksh77616 per semister,, it goes for 4 yrs my wory is I may not be able to pay for the whole course no one in my family is employed to support me financially,, I have a single parent,, my mother,, please advice me though I also don't have a calling letter,, I will appreciate when I hear from you,, thanks
23 Apr 2013 @ 06:13

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I know this is not according to your requirements but i believe we get what we want through trying and hard work. I am a single mother of a three year old boy who joined school recently. I was kindly requesting if its possible to sponsor him for his primary education since i have several financial constraints to help him. Kindly help me give my son the best a mother can! Education! Thank you in advance.
29 Apr 2013 @ 05:21

Michael hesbon
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
My name is michael Njonjo,a 21 year old student currently at JKUAT(main campus) pursuing a bachelors degree in maths and computer science, in second year. It has been really tough to raise my school fees though by God's grace we somehow managed. Now my worst fear is that i may not be able to graduate since we cannot afford paying the school fees let alone my maintainence costs.This is really affecting me, I am a hardworking,self-motivated and a go-getter.My greatest strength is my, will, i believe nothing is impossible as long as you focus,have faith and work towards whatever your goal is.with a sponshorship i can be able to complete my full course and be a man of substance to the society.I would really be humbled if i got financial assistance from you,any help accorded will be highly appreciated.Thank you in advance.
01 May 2013 @ 11:57

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My name is Amos i sat for my kcse in the year 2008 due to financial problem i never managed it to fulfill my dream to be a degree holder. I worked for people in plantation and i got little money to push me forward to TTC(Teachers training college) of which the principal sympathised with me and let me do the final examination despite the huge college fee balance i had. I passed with credit 3 now my request is to ask for sponsership to persue my degree in education. Thank you
15 May 2013 @ 07:27

Patrick Mungatia
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 6
Re:Scholarship for Degree and Diploma students in Kenya My name is Patrick Mungatia, J sat for my K.C.S.E in the year 2010 due to financial problems j spent one year at home.luckily, some well wishers from my village made a contribution for me to join Kenyatta University(main campus)J am looking for a support from you so that j may complete my course(Bachelor of Economics and finance)J look forward to a positive response.

29 May 2013 @ 01:23

Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 162
I want to do a degree in business management.what are the requirements and the fee structure
01 Jun 2013 @ 01:10

Benjy A
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 6
My name is Benjamin Ayoro. I am 18years of age .Pardon me but I wish to persue a degree in Urban Design and Development. I hope to persue the degree above abroad. I attained a grade of A- in the 2012 KCSE examinations. I wish to better my country in terms of urban design and development since its crystal clear that as a country we are headed there. My background is a humble one and indeed financially am not capable of supporting myself academiclly. Kindly accept my request

04 Jun 2013 @ 05:55

Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 618
Thank you for the information about how to get scholarships raphael. I hope those seeking one will take advantage.
04 Jun 2013 @ 06:27

joel kurui
Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 112
i am joel kurui from kapsowar,finished my form four in the year 2011 and attained a mean grade of c+,but due to my family status,i haven'nt joint any institution and my carreer is getting wasted,pleas who can help me?
13 Jun 2013 @ 06:40

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
My names are Hegman Osotsi,i did my KCSE in the year 2010 and attained C+,i come from a single parent family.After i finished my form 4 i started doing casual works so as to raise some cash and pay college fees myself.I was able to save abit and joined college last September for a diploma course in Graphic and Design but now i've been sent back home for fees.I will be grateful for any kind of help.
18 Jun 2013 @ 04:34

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
am Francis wish to advance my course in IT i hold a DIPLOMA in our local school in Thika i have no one to pay the fee for because i set
ay with my grandmother and i lost my mum back 2008 when i was in form two.i will be grate full for any kind of help
05 Jul 2013 @ 04:26

bett wycliffe
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 6
I am kiprotich bett living in sotik Bomet county. I sat for my KCSE in the year 2012 and got B- of 56. my dream is to futher my education in the field of Medical Laboratory Sciences to a higher level at Mountkenya University but the problem is my parents can't affor to sponsor me through the parralel programe. I request for your consideration so as to help the society we are living in to be a better place. my contact phone number is 0712191865. i will be much grateful for your sponsorship.
05 Jul 2013 @ 09:05

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 7
Hi i am Celestine Minayo and i completed high school in 2010.I obtained a mean grade of B-. I had ambitions of joining campus but my dreams are shattered due to lack of funds.last year in September i applied to study for a Bachelors Degree in the University of Nairobi and i got a chance.unfortunately the person who had to pay my fee died.I had to defer to September this year of which i have not gotten the funds yet.i stay with my grandmother who is in no capacity of paying the fee.please i am a focused girl ready to take my studies seriously please i am looking forward to a positive response and help.thank you.
15 Jul 2013 @ 05:31

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I have diploma in surveying and i got admission letter to join degree in this september please i need financial help to continue with my education please you can email me through thanks inadvance
05 Aug 2013 @ 05:23

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 6
I have diploma in surveying and i got admission letter to join degree in this september please i need financial help to continue with my education please you can email me through thanks inadvance
05 Aug 2013 @ 05:28

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my name Stanley currently living in mukuru slums. I am a form four graduate 2012, being able to get the average university grade of C(PLUS).I have a dream that one day i will become a professional journalist in kenya but my dreams are almost to diminish due lack of financial support to further my dream, as for now i solely depends on my guardian who is unable to provide for university level because of poverty, please please i humbly need for or +254705105596
05 Aug 2013 @ 07:36

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I am a 20 year old lady,I completed my kcse last year and managed to score a mean grade of b- of 53 points I would like to join KU and persue a course in diploma in nuitrition and health.I come from a family of seven and my dad is the one taking care of us he uses the little he gets for my mothers treatment and buy the essential needs,I would be more than grateful if I get any assistance so that May be able to join KU by next year January I hope and pray that I will get assistance.. God bless.Zipporah Lagat from kapsabet 0725886663
08 Sep 2013 @ 10:12

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how can i get assisted
10 Sep 2013 @ 01:18

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Chreopatrah, aged 20 yrs n schooling in Mt. Kenya university.. Am taking a diploma in Public Health and got high hopes of meeting my desired goals of being a public officer but due to the constraints on my parents on my fees and my siblings i pledge for your assistance to pursue a degree come next year. Thanks in advance...
22 Sep 2013 @ 01:29

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
miriam kaibei,aged 19 currently at home due to financial constraint.i finished in the year 2011 with a grade of B i got an admission to jkuat but because of lack of funds its funds.i pledge for financial help in order to pursue my dream.i come from a family of nine, deceased parent with more siblings in the university
29 Sep 2013 @ 05:39

musiomi victor
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Am Victor musiomi,i cleared my form four in the year 2009 and i had a C+, after which i hustled for some money which enabled me to join a private university in Kenya,am now in second semester and i really have financial a total orphan and really in need of higher education to be able to help my siblings in future.kindly help.
14 Oct 2013 @ 06:29

Carey F
Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 102
Im francis mwanzia from machakos i completed my form 4exams in 2011 got a c+ ever since i have strvggled to join a diploma in eco tourism i m a partial orphan .im in need of an educatiönal aid. Please assist {} thanks in advance
31 Oct 2013 @ 03:38

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
hi am onesmus kioko from taita taveta and i did my k.c.s.e in 2012 and got grade b minus and due to financial problem am not able to join college and my ambition is to become an accountant please help

01 Nov 2013 @ 04:24

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Hi am Sarah wanjiku from Nairobi i finished my high school education in the year 2012 and got a c plain i wanted to join the university and study diploma in mass communication but due to financial problems i was not able to.
11 Nov 2013 @ 04:10

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 6
Hello?Iam Jemei Emma from kapsabet.I managed to get 54points(b-)in my kcse.curently iam in Kenyata University undertaking my degree course.The problem is that i lack efficient funds to support my education.Iam curently in first year first semister completed my k.c.s.e in the year 2012.i humbly and kindly request for your financial assistance because i believe iam a lady of focus determination and hardwork.The course iam taking now is community development because i believe in developments of localy,nationaly and internationaly.Kindly put me into consideration.
yours faithful.
Jemei Emma.
13 Nov 2013 @ 03:21

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 6
Hello,I must convey my heartfelt satisfaction with your charity,may the work of your hands be rewarded with comparable replications.In the same breath,I am Phelix Omondi,a second year student of B.A CRIMINOLOGY WITH IT at Maseno university
embroiled in fee problems.My dad was initially able to foot the fee but fell short of the same upon his retrenchment from the defunct Telkom Kenya.I humbly request for your sincere support.Thanks in advance.
06 Dec 2013 @ 10:32

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
I'm Fredrick Mung'are Ogonda from Migori i completed my form four exams in 2007 and got a c- ever since i have struggled and completed a diploma in human resource and management in the University of Nairobi. I'm a partial orphan .I'm in need of an educational aid to continue with degree programme . Please assist {} thanks in advance

03 Jan 2014 @ 06:54

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 4
Am Wilberforce Chikono Nyangweso a second year student at Maasai Mara University.Am taking Bachelor of Education Arts .I have been forced to defer my studies after my first year due to lack of fees. please help
10 Jan 2014 @ 03:39

Alex Juma
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
My name is Alex Maximillian Juma. I am a student at technical university of Mombasa currently in my third year doing Bachelors degree in civil engineering after having completed my KCSE in 2010 and having attained A-(minus). I'm in need of financial assistance since since mt family at home cannot afford to cater for my education. Your assistance will be highly appreciated. Mobile no. +254724882166
14 Jan 2014 @ 05:09

luther mukhalisi
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
22 Jan 2014 @ 02:32

lucy mumbi
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
im lucy a student at outspan medical college im in great need for school fees. please help. 0703380757

23 Jan 2014 @ 07:31

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
MY name is juliana kerubo .I complited my kcse in 2012 and obtained C PLAIN . For now am a stundent in our lady of lourdes mwea school of nursing. it is allocated in kirinyaga doing a diploma in community nursing a programme known as finacialy brock. please consinder my request, am joining next semister this year.kindly no.0707217610
06 Feb 2014 @ 11:13

Felix 2
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Hi my name is Felix motari oyunge I come from a very ample family in kisii county. I am a total orphan . I sat for my kcse in 2009 and attained a mean grade of a c plus(c+).
I have not been able to join any college due to financial problem . Am out here hoping to revive my perishing dream of a better future.

+254705606580 is my phone number
Am looking forward to hearing from you

yours faithfully
Felix oyunge
27 May 2014 @ 08:11

Mutune Nguro
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Am Eric from Murang''a county, I sat for my Kcse 2013 where I attained a B-[minus](59).I come from a humble family.I had a serious problem in high school due to short of school fees until I developed ulcers,I have passion to join the university to pursue BBIT. It will be a great favor to get your response through 0718876844
06 Jun 2014 @ 11:20

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 69
Am moses,i sat for my kcse on 2012.i managed to score B- of 58 points.Can i be granted a scholarship?i come from a family that is not financiall stable and we are 11.Please help me to be able to pursue my accounting career.Have wished to join kca university.Your feedback is highly valued to me through 0715724367.I come from bungoma county.
07 Jun 2014 @ 03:43

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
In humble need of financial assistance.
At Masinde Muliro university of science and technology
A Second year persuing a bachalor of science in civil and structural engineering
From unstable background.
KCSE YEAR;2011 and scored a mean of B of 62 points.
10 Jun 2014 @ 07:30

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
am Benson Lupuon did my kcse in 2006 and attained a mean grade of c plus though i secured a job but am not able to further my studies to attain my dream any assistance that is geared towards helping me achieve my dream will highly be appreciated my email thanx
06 Jul 2014 @ 04:56

karl alex
Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Hallo.I am alex.I am pursuing a bachelors degree in pharmacy in kenyatta university.
I did my k.c.s.e in 2011.Though currently in my second year,am facing a dire financial need lest i am likely to drop out.
I will wholeheartedly appriciate any form of aid.
04 Jan 2015 @ 04:57

Membership Level: Silver    Total Points: 132
Guys i do not mean to be rude.Instead of posting all your problems and worries you should take action.Go to their offices and do what is expected of you.
05 Jan 2015 @ 06:10

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
what about us who reside in nakuru
08 Jan 2015 @ 06:12

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 2
please assist me
08 Jan 2015 @ 06:14

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 3
helo.please let me know if there are any scholarships for my sister who score C plain in kcse 2014
16 Mar 2015 @ 04:44

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 8
Am John Karani and I am looking for undergraduate scholarship. I did my kcse last year and got a mean grade of an A plain (82points) I live with my mother but she is financially unstable.I would be happy if am considered for this scholarship. My email address
20 Mar 2015 @ 07:21

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Am opondo sakwa brian just finished k.c.s.e last year(2014) i managed to score B- of(57 points) i am partially orphan. With my mother being a peasant farmer without any income. I had a dream of pursuing civil engineering at technical university of Kenya but due to financial problems, am stuck.i come from a humble background being last born my elder brother and sister is jobless. Please i will appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
09 May 2015 @ 02:58

Membership Level: Bronze    Total Points: 5
Am consolata Nafula Maratani,orphaned .I attained a mean grade of C+ in 2009. I applied for KMTC in the year 2013 and secured a chance in pharmacy department learnt for only one year and deferred due to financial constraints,am requesting for wellwishers who can finance me for the next academic years.
Thank you in advance
Yours Faithfully,Consolata Nafula Maratani
27 Jul 2015 @ 03:38

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