Mombasa Technical Training Institute Part Time Courses

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 Course Name
 Qualifications Course Duration
 Exam Body
 Diploma in Social Work and Community Development
 C 3 years
 Diploma in Sales and Marketing
 C 3 years
 Diploma in Dietetic Management (Module I)
 C/Craft in Food and Beverage/Food technology
 3 years
 6 months
 ATC II/C+ (C+ in Maths and English)
 6 months
 Certificate in Fashion Design/Interior Decoration
 Open 1 year
 Certificate in Business Administration
 D+ 1 year
 Certificate in Supplies Management
 D+ 2 years
 Certificate in Social Work and Community Development
 D+ 2 years
 Certificate in Sales and Marketing
 D+ 2 years
 Certificate in Human Resource Management
 D+ 2 years
 Diploma in Analytical Chemistry
 Certificate on SLT
 2 years
 Craft in Science Laboratory Technology
 D+ 2 years
 Full Secretarial Studies with Computer
 KCPE and above
 2 years

Among others

Contact Details

P.O. BOX 81220, Mombasa 80100
Telephone: 041-2226458
Mobile: 0712-725554


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i would like to join your institution for certificate in business administration but i don''t know how to go about it or when the semester starts.Thank you
02 Feb 2012 @ 06:53

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am requesting distance learning in diploma of information technology. to be offered in distance and part time time course.

thank you.

04 Feb 2013 @ 04:19

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When do you begin classes of I.C.T Module2?

02 Apr 2013 @ 05:25

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I'd like to pursue DICT(Dip. in ICT)
19 Apr 2013 @ 04:20

Mariam wesamba
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I would like to take a course in ATC but i don't know when the semester comences and the fee for the course
28 Oct 2014 @ 11:56

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