Pre-University Colleges and Representatives of Foreign Universities in Nairobi

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Pre-University Colleges and Institutions Representing Foreign Universities in Nairobi

American Education Advising Centre
American Universities Placement Centre
Makson's Plaza, 2nd Floor
Parklands Road, Westlands
P.O. BOX 710, Sarit Centre, Nairobi
Telephone: 0733-799210

American Universities Preparation Institute
Chiromo Lane, Westlands
P.O. BOX 14842, Nairobi 00800
Telephone: 020-3741764, 3742203

Arboretum Sixth Form College
Arboretum Road, Off State House Road
P.O. BOX 75418, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2715843, 2723550

Augustana College
Ngong Road Professional Centre
P.O. BOX 53942, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2303101/2, 2323255

Australian Education Consultants Ltd
Centro House, 5th Floor Westlands
P.O. BOX 39669, nairobi 00623
Telephone: 020-4448742, 0722-859578

Australian Studies Institute
Centro House, 5th Floor, Westlands
P.O. BOX 39669, Nairobi 00603
Telephone: 020-4441110, 0722-208768/9

Braeburn College
Garden Estate, Off Thika Road
P.O. BOX 16944, Nairobi 00620
Telephone: 020-8561144, 0733-618011

British Canadian International Education
Amee Arcade, 1st Floor
Parklands Road, Westlands
P.O. BOX 1354, Nairobi 00606
Telephone: 020-3754741
Mobile: 0722-815178, 0733-815151

British Education Council Training and Technology Association (BETTS
Tausi Court, 3rd Floor off Muthithi Road
P.O. BOX47208, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 020-3743154, 3743350, 3742884

Charles Kendall and Partners Ltd
Viking House, 2nd Floor, Waiyaki Way, Westlands
P.O. BOX 852, Nairobi 00621
Telephone: 020-4443646,, 4449586, 4444002

Frise Holdings Ltd
Aly's Centre, 2nd Floor
Muthithi/Mpaka Road, Westlands
P.O. BOX 35452, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-3741154, 3741028

German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD
Madison Insurance House, 3rd Floor
Upper Hill Close
P.O. BOX 14050, Nairobi 00800
Telephone: 020-2722660, 2722662

Helping Hand Centre
Moi Avenue, Next to Kenya Cinema
Commerce House 4th Floor
P.O. BOX 5744, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 020-250497

Hill Education Consultants Ltd
School Grove, Off School Lane, Office A
P.O. BOX 787-00606 Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2347150/1, 0726-907236

International School of Kenya
P.O. BOX 14103, Nairobi 00800
Telephone: 020-4183622, 4183215/7/8

Middlesex University
Africa Regional Office
Nakumatt Ukay, 3rd Floor
P.O. BOX 48109, Nairobi 00100
Teelephone: 020-42153497

Indira GandhiNational Open University
Distance Learning Programmes

East Africa School of Management
Kasneb Towers, 3rd Floor, Hospital Road
Telephone: 020-2712720

Information and Advice Centre
Crossway Road, Off Muthithi Road
P.O. BOX 73, Nairobi 00606
Telephone: 020-3754588, 0722-644394

(Malaysian Universities)
Havea Park, Lower Kabete
P.O. BOX 3200, Nairobi 00200
Telephone: 020-4765745, 0725-546687

KenRuss Ltd
James Gichuru Road, House No. 105
P.O. BOX 19355, Nairobi 00202
Telephone: 070-192158159
Mobile: 0722-301723, 0736-072694

LGE (Kenya) Ltd
Transnational Plaza, 8th Floor, Wing A
Mama Ngina Street
P.O. BOX 10952, Nairobi, 00400
Telephone: 020-313228

The Language Center Ltd
Ndemi Close, Off Ngong Road
P.O. BOX 40661, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 254-20-3869531/2

Monash South Africa
144 Peter Road, Ruimsig, Johannesburg
Telephone: +27119504019

Overseas Tertiary Education Placements Ltd
Protection House, 12th Floor, Parliament Road
P.O. BOX 56219, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2215233

3M Overseas
Education Advisory Centre
Bruce House, 10th Floor, Southern Wing
P.O. BOX 55347-00200, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2213535, 0722-851025

St. Pirans School (Great Britain)
Woodvile Grove, Westlands
P.O. BOX 48004, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 0713-025446

UNIPEN Flats, 5A above Barclays Bank, Prestige
Hurlingham Shopping Centre
P.O. BOX 63612, Nairobi 00619

Tazama Tutorial College
1st Floor, Jamia Towers
Opposite Meridian Court Hotel
Muranga Road
P.O. BOx 12735, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 020-2450651, 0722-245099

The University of Warwick
Representative Office for Eastern Africa
Braeburn School, Gitanga Road, Lavington
P.O. BOX 0733-954002

Uniserv Education
Bandari Plaza, Westlands
P.O. BOX 56386, Nairobi 00100
Telephone: 020-4452732

Wisemen Trainers and Consultants
Union Towers, 11 and 12 Floors
Moi Avenue
P.O. BOX 109-00517, Nairobi
Telephone: 020-313031, 317718
Mobile: 0722-772390, 0733-378966


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