what is the best business to start in Kenya /Nairobi with less capital

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i love business but am curently employed i would like to start up a business in Nairobi but i have less funds ,what business can i get into to help me out for the start ?


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Start a business where you get to sell the cheap chinese phones. Try selling them in the rural arears as in the town there are so many businesses that sell the same items.
06 Nov 2011 @ 07:36

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I think if you want to start a business in Nairobi with minimum capital,selling fruits will be my best advice because it will cost you small amount of money and sell them in high populated areas.To make more sales use a wheelbarrow and pack them nicely,believe me you pocket more money at the end of the day.
07 Nov 2011 @ 12:08

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What much do you have. That is the advent of business issues.
08 Nov 2011 @ 06:23

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please give me more answers to this ,what if you have a capital of arround 20k ?
17 Jan 2012 @ 03:27

sarah muasya
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An M-Pesa business doesn't seem all that difficult to start. The good thing is that immediately after starting the business, people bring you the money you need for your transactions.
18 Jan 2012 @ 02:32

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1.To open a shop to repair motorcycle in country side, if might be helpful to you with less money.
2.There is a kind of photo machine in China for young people to make a sticker with their own picture by them self. You might buy one and put the machine at the gate of school. Then,money is coming.
27 Feb 2012 @ 09:28

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If you have have enough capital, then I can suggest you another business, or we can work together,hehe, I am a businessman from China.
27 Feb 2012 @ 09:31

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if you are interested, contact me by my email: fatoocq@yahoo.com
27 Feb 2012 @ 09:34

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The art of business depends of the two major factors that you should not overlook. First consider the capital before selecting the kind of the business to start.Look at the market for you business. For example in this city,businesses dealing with electronics excels most.I am not saying that it is the best business to venture but it is one of the best in Nairobi. Consider a number of issues before starting a business to avoid risks of loss. I wish you success.
09 Mar 2012 @ 02:02

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Business venture depends on capital,willingness and perserverance. If you have less capital as you said then i advice to venture into a berber or saloon. That works with minimal capital,but remember your service is the key to success. Best of luck.
17 Mar 2012 @ 07:45

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good afternoon

I am planning to come nairobi. i am trainer in computer software and communicative english so it is a good business in nairobi. please reply as soon as possible

25 Jun 2012 @ 04:24

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Hi Maryphil,

Business is not my area of expertise but I do know a few basic things to consider before you start a business. Some of them have been mentioned e.g. Capital, location and viability.

You've already stated the approximate amount of capital you have. You need to look at the various businesses you are interested in starting and ask yourself is there room for another entreprenuer(you)? How much profit can you make given your capital? What are the risks involved? What are the operating costs and expenses? How fast will your stock or services move? What does the law say about your business (Especially the local government-City council)?

M-pesa is a good idea since it is a growing business, electronics is good but very tricky when you have to deal with competition from a saturated market and fake electronic equipment that need to be fixed or replaced. Groceries and fruits on the other hand are in high demand but you could make big losses from spoilt or unsold stock.

Earrings, necklaces, rings, purses, belts, or hairbands made locally are things that are in high demand and do not expire or cost a fortune per piece. Ladies can never have enough of those and you do not need an office, rent, licenses or a storekeeper for when you are away. You also have the advantage of taking your samples around with you in a small bag. I plan to try it out in a few weeks time. Let me know how it goes if you try it out before i do!
25 Jun 2012 @ 12:38

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for any business just mind
-production cost
don't be blinded by profit,i recommend you try the service industry
lets say financial service
but i advice transport industry for companies(not public service) be the link between the producer and customer.the returns are WOW!
26 Jun 2012 @ 11:24

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I think an Hotel will be a perfect business for you. What you only need if to find a strategic place where people do business activities. Its importance is that you only wait and people bring money. No man can live without eating. In addition, little capital is required.
26 Jun 2012 @ 12:41

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can anyone out there give me an idea,what good business i can start particularly in nairobi with a capital of 200k

troubled man.
08 Jul 2012 @ 09:35

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have 200k and want to start a business particularly in nairobi,please advice.

easy biz

08 Jul 2012 @ 09:37

cinedine amyzene
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The amount of capital and the location of the business is what matters.Since its a personal business it will require a convenient location even if it will require a less amount of capital it can kick off.Also check the access to the raw materials and then list the types of business of your passion and basing them on the factors above start one!
09 Jul 2012 @ 12:38

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I wish to start business and i have like sh 150,000 would anyone advice me .denisanann@gmail.com
26 Jul 2012 @ 06:04

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Could anybody advice on business i can do with the starting capital of sh 150,000.write to me.
26 Jul 2012 @ 06:07

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If you need to start a business or if you believe that you are an entrepreneur you need to conduct a research first on the kind of business you want to start,the first thing that should come up in your mind should be the need you want to address,i call this the competitive edge,or competitive advantage then come up with a business plan.
The business plan will guide you on the amount of capital you need.

01 Aug 2012 @ 03:43

njeri moni
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you can start any business with the little money you have as long as you are in position to get some loan, ensure that you have passion, dedication, hardwork and patience.
01 Aug 2012 @ 07:59

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You can start a fresh fruits and vegetables, considering your capital thats the most profitable business.Diversify by selling fresh juice , and pudding from the fruits
02 Aug 2012 @ 08:41

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20 thousand is a good start. Buy a good laptop for about 15000, then buy about 70 dvds, vcds, blanks and cd bags and lens cleaners. Download all the local music mixes and save them on your laptop. Start vending the movies. Carry blanks and burn contents as per customers demand. Selling five dvds per day and 5 vcds is enough money. The profit ranges from 650 to 900 depending on the customers negotiations. This business can save you!
17 Aug 2012 @ 10:58

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Hey friends...am 22.and started my own movie shop business.due to unavoidable circumstances i will not be around. Hence am planning on selling it. If you interested contact me at millykendra@gmail.com

20 Aug 2012 @ 10:53

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Need advice.... Was born and partially raised in kenya. But relocated to UK since 10years now. Went to kenya a year ago since then i have been there four times. I wanna start a bussines in nairobi or any potential areas. Wat sort of bizz can i do as i was thinking of boutique. Me buying things from london to kenya.. My budget for now is 3000k.. :)
25 Nov 2012 @ 06:25

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hi i am loooking for trading in food and fruits cofee exports from kenya to arab world need a partner or a good imp exp manager

10 Dec 2012 @ 03:49

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Starting a business is a leap of faith even in the best of circumstances. We at Kuza Biashara are focussed to encourage these daring small business owners who have the potential to innovate and change the world by contributing to the nation’s economy and livelihood.

“Kuza” in Kiswahili means Grow and “Biashara” is Business.

As a small business moves through the various stages of its life cycle, it requires different support programs that are suited to its specific needs at that time. Kuza Biashara offers training, educational, and business support services which are critical to their success and enable them move from an informal sub-sector to a knowledge based economy.

13 Dec 2012 @ 10:31

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Online directory Listing http://www.yellowpageskenya.com
13 Dec 2012 @ 11:32

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The best business to start with a good capital in Kenya today is supply or provision of supply goods in the market.
With a good capital base, one is able to make good profits from supplying food items from agricultural zones to the city.
14 Dec 2012 @ 04:02

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Me and my Kenyan fiance want to start a business in Nairobi . My capital is 1.5 million Ksh but I have no any idea of what kind of business we can make a profit . Please you can send me your advice into my email box kisiima35@hotmail.com Thanks you .
29 Jan 2013 @ 10:48

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Am.selling broiler chickens,am starting with 50chicken then I will buy more and sell if it goes well am looking for someone who would like to buy like hotels,schools, if you have a wedding or party and you want chicken broilers go to Alicewanja30@gmail.com
29 Jan 2013 @ 02:14

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i welcome any suggestions i want to start a business of a small restaurant and food cafe can 150000 be enough? anyone having an idear on the profit i can expect kindly write to me
01 Feb 2013 @ 01:48

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A barber shop will be easy to start and run, it will require less capital and space.
01 Feb 2013 @ 04:25

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I plan to start a business soon,but I have no idea what ,I have a laptop,phone,internet 24/7 and a car and 200,000 thousand shillings,what can I start with all that?
18 Feb 2013 @ 02:33

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buy a blender fruits and a fridge sell fresh fruit juice and fruit salads u will make some good money
18 Feb 2013 @ 09:58

Tabitha Munanie
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For anyone who wants to venture in a business of any sort should be aiming to be unique to reduce competition.If for instance you are dealing with men clothes, yes they are many businesses like those around but the main question you should be asking yourself is what are you offering that the other businesses don't.Make sure that your shirts, suits are so unique and offer something that the other vendors don't.
I however think that the best business to be venturing in would be ladies items.From handbags,shoes, accessories to cosmetics and what not, reason being ladies always shop whether there is economic depression or not,however one should not forget the idea of standing out because that will be the key thing to get more and more customers.Don't offer the common products that are normally in each and every shop that you walk into and that will make your business be very profitable.
18 Feb 2013 @ 08:47

Jemoh to 7
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If was to choose i would go for a cybercafe.Cyber cafe are good because we are in an error of communication.Hence the business is ready for a targeted people.Its by grace.
20 Feb 2013 @ 12:22

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I have seen and read your pieces of advice on starting a business here in Nairobi. I have to admit that they are all viable and very interesting to carry out. I also wish to advice members here that before you set a business, don't just look at what business you have heard from others make profits from.
It is best to get to know what you can also handle and not just what you have heard from others.
20 Feb 2013 @ 12:33

julie adul
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To start an mpesa business you need 100000 to deposited to safaricom before any other thing unless you are opening through an existing agent!
20 Feb 2013 @ 12:46

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Have always wanted to open an m-pesa shop without using the existing agent,i will check on this one.thanx
21 Feb 2013 @ 06:12

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I am planning to start a service business advise people on good nutrition an losing weight and diabetics management is there a market for this in Nairobi?
23 Feb 2013 @ 10:41

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I am a foreigner(from Finland) and planning to start business of importin/selling solar power systems in Kenya. I am looking for partner/employee. Good candidate should be Kenyan and having experience of establishing business, importing goods, running/working in a shop which sells goods to consumers, understanding of solar systems(understanding of basic physics), living outside of Nairobi( the first shop will be opened in Kisumu, Nakuru, Nyami, or Naivasha etc. (where nearby solar systems are used). If living in Nairobi at least should be willing to move somewhere else.

If no experience of above mentioned things, should at least have strong eager to learn and work among. If interested contact me yksville@yahoo.com

Also comments about solar power markets/business in Kenya are very welcome!?
08 Mar 2013 @ 02:10

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I am thinking of starting a movie shop to sell movies in nairobi but I really dont know the requirements.
Can anyone please advise on how much I should have and what it enatils in terms of legal procedures.thanks
27 May 2013 @ 11:15

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The best business with that kind of capital I think you can start with accessories then integrate to M-Pesa this can do well in Nairobi
29 May 2013 @ 01:13

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cereals I think can do well but not at the city center or alternatively you can also start with selling the eggs at retail price
29 May 2013 @ 02:09

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cosmetic stall,mpesa,mobile accessories,movie shop,phone repair
29 May 2013 @ 03:42

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Thank you for asking. but as for me, there is no small business or big business, because to me all business are alike only that there is a difference in the entrepreneural skills and techniques applied in those particular businesses. You should have more innovations to rise over the bottlenecks. And you must always risk to contain the challenges in the business sector.
29 May 2013 @ 03:53

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Would like to open up a mini kind supermarket or a medium shop...don't know how 2 go about it, not also sure if my capital of 500,000Kshs will be enough pliiiiz advise wanna open it up on September . Am not also based in kenya stay in juba but my business will b based in kenya
05 Jul 2013 @ 03:28

joshua momanyi
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there are many factors that you should consider when to start a business in nairobi. one is the number of competitors . since your are now starting with miagre capital you should venture into a less competitive yet viable business opportunity. another factor is the tests and preferences of customers. you should analyze the consumer tests and also the demand of the range of the commodities that the people of nairobi often go for. you should also consider
the government policies such as the taxing system whether it is discouraging your customers to be or vice versa.other that you should look into is the viability and the breakeven period i.e the time your business will take to recover your initial capital. it should not take too long to recover your capital so that you can start enjoying the profits. so am not choosing a business opportunity for you but by giving you this knowledge you ca now choose yours.
05 Jul 2013 @ 04:58

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The cheapest business you can start in Nairobi has to be in the service sector. That is you offer a service for a fee. It requires little or no capital. What talents do you have? You can offer classes at a small fee. For instance, you can teach a sport, a foreign language, dance classes, or even write articles to sell among others. Start a training centre for whatever you decide to offer and advertise yourself on the free social media. the growth will be gradual.
05 Jul 2013 @ 08:32

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Its simple.Just think about what you or your neighbour use daily and yet it does not cost you much.Think of how many people use the same product and for how long are they likely to continue using it.Then find out how best or worst the existing similar businesses are serving them then draw a strategy to make your business the most competitive for example by producing high quality goods and services that will make them stand out as the most preffered ones.I believe a business in the food and beverage industry wont disappoint you.
22 Oct 2013 @ 02:07

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I have been working in Tanzania film industry for 5 years now but am planning to invest in kenya real estate. I have capital and business idea and with my research I am sure with a short period of time I will make alot of money. I am looking for a graphic designer a person who can design a magazine. I am also looking for four young people aged 18-28 who are willing to be my partners in business. Two men and two ladies. I will be in kenya on 17th September. Anyone interested please check me tellyrence@hotmail.com. serious people only.
29 Aug 2014 @ 03:02

maina maish
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Hey am in south Africa but i want to comeback home and i want to know which is the best business to start around Nairobi can someone help me,i just have ksh 100000.
19 Oct 2014 @ 06:09

maina maish
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am happy to hear people giving ideas
19 Oct 2014 @ 06:14

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hello.can you smebody help me best small busness to start with 15k in nyeri?
21 Oct 2014 @ 09:58

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It is amazing to see what guys are sharing here. Am 21 planning to start my own small or big bussiness but having all ths confusions on which business suits me best. As per now am employed and don't plan to quit even after starting my own business. The big issue is the capital though given a chance to borrow a loan am certain i could start up a business.
23 Oct 2014 @ 08:18

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What does it take to start a fruit business in Nairobi, starting from permits by municipal council and all that..? need advice. Please help. Thanks.
04 Nov 2014 @ 12:22

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I have 300k capital and want to start a good and progressive business probably in rift valley, nyanza or western province, can i get suggestions please?? naomiodhis86@gmail.com
08 Nov 2014 @ 12:14

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I think baking is nowadays a good business to start up if you have a passion for baking. You can start it out in your own house and sell out your first batch to friends. The more money you get the more you upgrade your business.
20 Nov 2014 @ 12:01

charlie 76
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Guys,venture online.there is real money trust me.
22 Dec 2014 @ 02:02

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A Capital less than ksh 1000 can start a good business.Be simple,go to the local farmers and buy eggs from them for as less as 5/= each.Use local energy to boil the eggs. Then get some tomato sauce and walk around your neighborhood selling each egg for not less than 20/=. Amazingly, you will make enough profit that can sustain you for three days.
15 Jan 2015 @ 07:11

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As the country is migrating to digital platform,with a minimum of 12000 you can start business of selling the decorders around the city.

31 Jan 2015 @ 01:15

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I think I have the answer you have been looking for.But first i need to know if you are interested in becoming financially free, in terms of being your own boss,then if that is so network marketing is the best choice since it gives you the time to venture into other things at the same time you have some extra income in your pocket by the end of the month.if you wish to know more all you need to do is ask.
01 Feb 2015 @ 01:53

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Allow me to contribute to this.The best business to start in Nairobi is helping others start a business.If you have capital to start a business, how about lending someone the money and in return, you agree on a percentage of stake in the business.A percentage stake of about 10% or what you agree on.
05 Feb 2015 @ 02:58

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I do cyber business and do not lie to yourself that excelling in business is that easy. It takes risk, patience and high level of accountability plus keeping of stress when all is not very pleasing.

Any business has its ups and downs and you take the decision role in all conditions. When you are accountable you will be able to know what to nulify or bring on board.

Risk is a thing we try to avoid but remember even staying alive is a risk so you try your luck and leave the rest to fate to decide since staying back fearing risking will not earn you anything.

I strongly recommend though that you dont quit your job since it may be your source of finances in future when the business hits a dry zone.

Good luck
05 Feb 2015 @ 06:44

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Given that you are willing to work(under self- employment), then I consider it wise that you begin selling vegetables in Nairobi as Nairobians are likely to like them so much. Bearing in mind that you can very easily acquire the title "mtu wa sukuma". And you can be sure that sales will begin to pick and eventually there you are having moved from an hawker or peddler to a dealer(a kind of a big person with many employees for that matter).
19 Feb 2015 @ 08:04

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you need to enter the money transfer and money market.

have a mpesa, airtel money, coop cash, equity bank (including any other bank with a huge customer base) stall.

also start a shop selling china phones and other affordable brands like itel and wish.

memory cards earphones, chargers, hard disks, flash disks, cds and sim cards at the same stall are also a good bet.

21 Feb 2015 @ 10:46

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