What brings hatred to family members?

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During recent news some of family members are reported to have killed one another what causes enemity between family members and what are the measures of ensuring unity among the family members.


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One of the main causes of hatred between family members is jealousy. Even Cain and Abel were brothers but due to jealousy, Cain hated Abel and finally killed him. This also applies to the situations experienced today. One does not want to see their brothers and/or sisters achieve. They view this as a competition which they cannot win. They start to become jealous and try to find ways of destroying that successful person. Some even end up killing their own brother or sister.
20 Aug 2011 @ 03:30

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It is because of jealousy among the members some of which has been spread from one generation to another.
20 Aug 2011 @ 03:53

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There is what we call the parental affection.As much as parents love their kids there one who is most loved and when other children realize this they develope jelousy and hatred towards the child that is most loved.Wealth is another issue.Family members are always out on constant war on who to control the family wealth.
04 Sep 2011 @ 01:13

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There is what we call the parental affection.As much as parents love their kids there one who is most loved and when other children realize this they develope jelousy and hatred towards the child that is most loved.Wealth is another issue.Family members are always out on constant war on who to control the family wealth.
04 Sep 2011 @ 01:14

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It all starts from unfair favours from parents,some parents clearly demonstrates discrimination among their children,this sets in jealousy and hatred can result to the evil mind of deciding to eliminate one another.
04 Sep 2011 @ 01:37

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Poor foundation of upbringing i.e when you were brought up with your parents hating certain family members or your family member fighting for wealth in the family and also environment where there is no love.
10 Oct 2011 @ 02:17

Brendah Aroko
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Parents and jealousy are the main factors that lead to enmity in our families today. When the parents favor some of their children and neglect others this creates enmity and leads to fights and disagreements.
Some spouses who cheat on their spouses also cause tension in their families and therefore people fight over it and the children get involved so much that they start hating one parent and loving the other.
Parents who do not distribute the family resources evenly to their children and the relatives in the family also make them feel rejected and abandoned hence they hate the ones who are loved and favored.
10 Oct 2011 @ 06:37

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Family feud has been there ever since. This something that should be seen strange but rather be accepted and be reduced by balancing our diferences. The key cause if I can guess is that everyone in the family one to be on top of the other. May be in terms of wealth or self esteem. I am not sure.
12 Oct 2011 @ 03:30

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Family feuds and domestic violence are brought about by misunderstandings between family members.Financial issues and property ownership are some of the major causes of family disputes.It is such a bad scene when members of the same family end up fighting and even killing their brothers and sisters just because of unnecessary issues which can solved in a more peaceful way.Family members are supposed to love and care for one another and not to engage in disputes.Problems within the family should be solved in a quite and peaceful manner such that all the members should come to one final and satisfying conclusion.
12 Oct 2011 @ 03:40

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Family fights and rows are brought about by jealous and how you bring up a child matters alot. The family unit has failed in instiling values in alot of ways and the family makes the society which makes up the country.
12 Oct 2011 @ 05:18

njeri moni
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Most families fight over the inheritance, especially in cases where the deceased died intestate, it brings conflict and misunderstanding, since some feel that they should get a larger share than others, while some are denied the right to inheritance.
12 Oct 2011 @ 12:00

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Hatred is brought about by jealousy and lack of respect to each and everyone you meet. Hatred has brought so many family's to their knees. It has even led them break up. This is really bad and even though it might not affect you now but it will affect your descendants in one way or the other.
27 Oct 2011 @ 03:45

cinedine amyzene
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The first thing to ensure unity of family members is understanding.Family members are supposed to understand one another and be able to help out each other in various activities in life.Family members especially those of the extended family is vary advisable for them not to stay at the same homestead.For those especially who have homesteads in this case referring to families,they should stay far away from each other to ensure that a person handles the issues of ones family alone with his/her family.Many times,there has been hatred that has arisen among family members mainly due to jealousy and malice between different families and this may become serious and intensify and at the end cause family feuds.For the nuclear family,the family should be united,solve their internal issues affecting them internally,and be able to co-operate their activities together and with this they will be able to relate well with one another.
14 Sep 2012 @ 01:37

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Hatred emerge among family due to lack of trust and selfish interests. Some just sit there relaxing and wait to be feed. And definately, there would be disagreement.
14 Sep 2012 @ 12:14

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Hatred among family members mostly start when parents show favours to some on the hand ignoring others. This cultivates jealousy among siblings, making them to habour hard feelings. Lack of respect among siblings also contribute to hatred, whereby you get the younger ones not respecting the elder ones. The best way to avoid this, is for the parents to ensure siblings love and respect each other. Parents should endevour to understand and accommodate all their children to avoid favourism.
14 Sep 2012 @ 12:54

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Greed.This plays a divisive role among family members.Some members of the family are so greedy at family properties such that they can leave no stone unturned to ensure they get what they want.This may lead to friction with other family members who think otherwise.
14 Sep 2012 @ 09:18

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Most of the hatred in most families is caused by money issues whereby some of the family members get greedy thus do not want to share the money in the family fairly. It could also be caused by one member feeling that some of the members are being favored more than him or her.
27 Dec 2012 @ 01:57

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In my family there is so much hatred its nauseating. Just recently I acquired from a non blood ex inlaw a very small inheritance. Because of this the closest brother and sister to me turned on me like two rattle snakes and have now purged me from their lives. So in order to show me that by my accepting the small inheritance was not right. And by accepting it cuz they WERE not even remotely entititled to it caused such viscious hatred within 24 hours of them both knowing this. It has been nearly 5.5 months and they cease to speak to me. I have made two attempts to communicate both of which were completely ignored. This has haunted me. But knowing my family as I do. This is to PUNISH ME for accepting the inheritance.

This ex inlaw choose to leave it to me becuase I cared for this elderly person for 4 years almost daily. Because they had no control over this, nor do they even know this ex inlaw except by name, they felt cheated out of something which they felt was theirs. It was never theirs. Our sister died and her husband is the one I cared for. Nobody but me knew him personally as I happen to live in the same country as he did. When they learned I had been given his small property. All fires of hell came at me. They know now that I have NO family now, so to them its "Good for her she is all alone now". I find this not just childish but plain and down right cruel. These two siblings I have done so much for over the years and my entire lifetime without ever asking for anything in return. For once in my life I was given something only once in my life have I been fortunate for someone to do somethin for me, rather than me always doing for someone. And this has caused this fury.

I must never have anything, my sister always will say how I will end up homeless and how my husband does not have money etc, so for once now I have something to call my own. And becuse now she cannot insult me, it hurts her to know I have now something that I can sell if I get in trouble with money. I asked her why she cant be happy for me, she was viscious and so was my brother. Both of whom I have bent backwards to do stuff for over the years. Never once have they ever done anythign for me. But I got something now. I am not supposed to have anything. I am supposed to be talked down and insulted my whole life. Right now both of them are in Europe and not to far from me. It hurts to know there is so much hatred. Will they ever speak to me again? I doubt it. The big sister has control over the brother who was pulled into this and because he was pulled into this. Both of them are ring and fnger now and I am an outcast. Shame on both of them.
27 May 2013 @ 08:36

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Hatred among family members is brought about by jealousy. In a nuclear family for instance when parents favour some of their children over others the ones who are not favoured may feel unwanted and unloved they will therefore hate their siblings and even their parents. Parents should love their children equally to avoid creating animosity in their children.
08 Oct 2013 @ 08:14

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most likely the ones who are hated in the family is the last born.This is due to the treatment and love that they are given by the parents that make the other children jealous hence bringing hatred.
29 Nov 2013 @ 08:51

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