Do you think Kenya will achieve her millenium Development goals?

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Just recently,over millions of people suffered famine,the IDPs are still in the camp.Furthermore,prices of basic commodities have risen beyond common mwanainchi's reach.With these few examples,I'm afraid,Kenya is not yet ready to achieve its goals,vision 2030 still remains a pipe-dream.I am a fraid I'm right, I fear I'm wrong.


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With the rapid growth population we can not achieve the millenium development goal, it severly draws down limited government revenues simply to provide the most rudimentary economic, social and health services to the additional people.This in turn further reduces the prospect for any improvement in the levels of living for the existing generation.
12 Sep 2011 @ 05:32

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Vision 2030 can be achieved if we all joined hands and do it together as was 'pamoja tuangamize ukimwi'. It is such a pity that some citizens are the ones dragging us back. Some of the various shortages we had in the country was linked with the presence of some cartels, hoarding the products, causing artificial shortage, making other citizens suffer and then unexpectedly releasing the products later at extraordinary high prices. How do you expect the country's economy to grow with such?

The vision can also be achieved if maximum utilisation of the country's resources is done. The problem is that this has not been seen. The graph of utilisation of resources is way below optimum, nearly going to the negative sides. Minerals have been discovered in some areas but the government has not put enough effort to exploit them. Large tracts of land, especially in some areas are left un-used when they can be irrigated.

However, the government has done some major works, but only in specific sectors including the infrastructure and roads sector. Major roads are being expanded and improved and this shows that an effort is being made.

In order to make vision 2030 a reality, we should work hard enough, as the real source of prosperity is not treasure-hunting but well-directed hard work.

While it is good to be dissatisfied with what has been so far achieved, it is good, also, by reminding ourselves of the conditions of the old bad times, to find ground for optimism. With technological development it is possible to achieve our dreams. Every department of human productive endeavour is now furnished with working appliances which make the modern worker the equivalent of tens or even hundreds of his predecessors of a century ago. We should take advantage of this and move to prosperity. The nation can hope to grow wealthier, but only by hard work on well-organised lines.
12 Sep 2011 @ 05:57

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In order to achieve vision 2030 the following must be done:
1. We need to elect leaders who are ready, able and willing to work and die for Kenya.
2. We need to involve experts in attaining the vision 2030 and not just including people who are not even qualified in that field.
3. Strict rules and guidelines should be put in place and adhered to. Proper punishment should be made to those who don't follow instructions.
4. Steps and procedures should be put in place and ensure they are obeyed.

All in all I think we have made a little progress towards achieving it because we have seen road construction throughout the country e.g. Thika super highway, Northern and Southern by passes among others.

We have also seen free primary and secondary education which has reduced the burden of paying school fees by parents and I want to assure you that by 2030 90% of Kenya population will be educated.

We have also seen the creation of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission to help fight corruption which is really bringing us down.
12 Sep 2011 @ 06:27

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Kenya is so far from getting its development millenium vision. Kenya is so far from getting to that point. Kenya even tried building city that would change the country itself. When that day comes to be will be very happy.
30 Oct 2011 @ 08:10

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I think we are just headed there, but meeting millenium development goals is not an easy task for Kenya. Anyway, we are not doing badly off relative to our neighbours.
30 Oct 2011 @ 09:39

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if each good thinking kenya especially from meru can be sponsored to have a water pump to irrigate land, poverty can be a thing of past
02 Nov 2011 @ 02:00

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each kenyan should be taught and be ready to work in the farm since white color jobs are becoming hells

02 Nov 2011 @ 02:03

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Yes and No. Kenya nearly achieved her goal (health for all by 2000)sometimes but not totally exhausted it. Therefore it is a reflection that it might achieve it but not to the full extent of it.
02 Nov 2011 @ 02:19

Isack aringo
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If we focus and be determined, we can achieve that even before the set date and year. Let us join hands to realise that big dream.
31 Aug 2013 @ 05:52

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