Why do people take alcohol?

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There are so many people who take alcohol in kenya.Young people have taken this habit and they drink at the expense of their studies.If you walk in the streets on any friday evening you'll be amazed at how many young people you find drunk lying on the roadside.I asked some of my friends why they drink and they gave me two answers: 1.Its a way of having fun. 2.Its a way of dealing with stress.This makes me ask,what kind of fun do you find when you drunk that you cant find when sober?is lying on the streets and peeing on your trousers fun? What do people find in alcohol, when they know the health risks they are facing?


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For the youth, I would cite peer pressure as the major reason for taking alcohol. To be honest too, drinking is fun; it relaxes your nerves and makes you feel good. Even the Bible okays the drinking of a little wine occasionally. But there is definitely no fun in drinking to the extent of peeing on yourself and sleeping in ditches. Once the limits are crossed, then taking alcohol becomes less fun and more risky.
19 Sep 2011 @ 04:28

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Alcohol isn't bad but the bad thing comes in which manner one is consuming it. Taking is a fun though one has to a strategic man and not misbehave.
19 Sep 2011 @ 05:04

chris njeru
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Most of the people, more so those in marriage life drink to deal with stress but ideally what that does is that it helps one forget the problem temporarily. For the youth however, Its different. Influence from peers is the major issue and idleness too.on a lighter note though, drinking isn't as bad as you are making it sound.It's always good to loosen up from the formal office life or even books. what is wrong however is making alcohol the center of your life.
19 Sep 2011 @ 06:17

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Moderation is best in everything, even in drinking. When drinking, don't go to the extremes such that you cannot identify yourself. It may result to addiction and even health problems such as liver cirrhosis.

People drink alcohol due to, but not limited to, the following reasons:

i. Negative peer pressure

ii. To relieve themselves of stress

iii. To enjoy themselves (only in moderation)

iv. To curb loneliness

v. Hating oneself (self-hate). This causes the individual to abuse alcohol.

Whatever you do when drinking alcohol, it is best to ensure that you do it in moderation. Don't be addicted to it in such a way that you can't function well without taking a bottle or two.

19 Sep 2011 @ 06:32

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To be honest i find nothing good in not being sober,how does it relax a person when drinking it makes one do crazy things.I especially loathe it that girls,ladies and women are also into the habit of drinking.They misbehave and end up sleeping around with so many men in one night.Some take off clothes and get really noisy.Is soberness a bad thing this days really?
19 Sep 2011 @ 11:19

Suter junior
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Consumption of ecxess alcohol is harmful to your health that is the clear warning by all brands including yokozuna. The only problem with yokozuna is that even a small drink can send you to heaven. But thats not the point let me say that alcohol is fun if you obey the rules, at some point it looses meaning those that get wasted are those that can not tell this point. In the words of kenny R. You must know when to stop when gambling the trick is same here fun is fun for those with limits. Beyond that you know what you are doing.
19 Sep 2011 @ 12:49

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Sometimes its fun to drink alcohol. Fun comes in when a person is so drunk until she or he does not recognise what is happening or what she or he is doing. You can do everything to make you happy that you shy off to do when you are sober.
19 Sep 2011 @ 02:16

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First, when you get drunk, you get this kind of courage that you can even run around the streets in your birthday suit.
But anyway, my point is, alcohol is not a bad thing done in moderation.
19 Sep 2011 @ 04:34

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I do not know why people drink alcohol, I only know why I do, to contribute im gossip. I mean when sober I usually am this silent listening type who acts only as a catalyst, give me a pint and you will get some real pure stuff, you have some? I am willing to get started...
19 Sep 2011 @ 05:23

Harshie Moraa
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Peer pressure is the major cause of this as many youths want to fit in with a certain class if friends. The mass media is also to blame for portraying alcohol consumption as 'cool' either through the t.v programs or through music. Some people who consume alcohol do it in the hopes that it will relieve them of stress.
19 Sep 2011 @ 08:41

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