Factors that may limit national unity.

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There are factors that may limit the national unity in Kenya this are:Tribalism-this is the practise of favouring people from once own ethnic group in employment,admission to schools or training institute an occasion of resources and many other places,this often lead to hatred,enemity and tribe crushes. Religious conflicts-this can create difliction because of different believes and practices,this scripts in the religion and differences spreads to other areas of life thus causing disunity like in Sudan. Racism-this is discrimination based on race like during the colonial period there were different hospitals,residential areas and other social amenities for the Africans and Europeans. Nepotism-this is the practise of giving favours towards relatives in the provision of public resources,employment or promotion as opposed to promotion based on merate or degree of need,it creates bitterness and ill will against those who the public feel are been discriminated.What more can cause disunity in a nation?


Brenda N
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Corruption-this refers to misuse of public power for private gain or profit,this is a major and a serious threat to national unity and security for it makes people loose faith in public institutions,it creates suspicion and hatred among people as those who are not capable of giving bribes to feel cheated and frastrated. Poverty-this where people lack basic needs and are considered as the poor,due to this situation poverty thus brings anti-social behaviours like stealing and robbery and with increase of criminal activities fear comes about and does not enhance national unity.
03 Oct 2011 @ 04:26

Babygal Loyce
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Children discrimination can lead to the fall of a nation since children are the leaders of tomorrow. Sex gender can also lead to disunity. Women should be given the same opportunity as men in politics, economics and social life. Wars in a county can lead to hatred between the citizens. Poverty in a country can lead to disunion since the poor will think that the rich are grabbing their property and due to that social class status their is going to be a lot of discrimination.
03 Oct 2011 @ 04:46

pancras kariuki
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the prices of sugar, is one major contribute to national unity.
03 Oct 2011 @ 05:01

Debra Nyox
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Inflation:The weakening shilling can cause easily cause disunity.This is because it widens the gap between the rich and the poor.The poor can barely afford basic commodities such a packets unga.This in turn forces then to engage in anti-social activities such as theft and robbery from those they perceive to be rich leading to disharmony in the society.
03 Oct 2011 @ 05:18

Susan Naliaka W.
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Gender discrimination can be a basis for national disunity.If the vulnerable groups especially women are discriminated upon,there becomes a gender imbalance and inequality.That is why we have different women organizations trying as much possible to address this issue and ensure womens' rights are catered for.Besides,the Constitution of Kenya at Chapter 4 (Bill of Rights) Provides against discrimination of various grounds including gender.This makes gender discrimination an offence.

we need to include women in the development process by appointing them as leaders.It is important to recognize them since they are the mothers of the nation.They are the ones who multiply a nation.

03 Oct 2011 @ 05:36

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Discrimination with regards to religion is another factor to consider. Due to the different believes that people from different denominations possess, people forget that their aim should be to Serve God. This country should do its best to serve God as shown in the National Anthem. It doesn't specify the God of the Muslims, Hindus or Christians. It is usually a prayer to God of all creations. Living together and in unity regardless of our religion will surely promote national unity.
03 Oct 2011 @ 05:49

Brendah Aroko
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Poor leadership can also cause national disunity. When the leaders do not preach unity and divide people on tribal lines it can cause alot of tension and hatred amongst the various tribes in the country hence disunity.
Unequal distribution of national resources also leads to disunity because one faction of the citizens will feel unappreciated and discriminated against and this will lead to arguments which bring about wars in the country.
03 Oct 2011 @ 07:40

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Nice one Pancras. Anyway, i think nepotism is the most difficult factor to stop. It is only natural that everyone protects their own.
03 Oct 2011 @ 08:23

cinedine amyzene
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Discrimination is the main contribute of national dis-unity since it tends to favor various parties and opposes the other party on no particular grounds or reasons.Discrimination varies from tribalism,nepotism,racism among other biases of the nature of a person.Discrimination makes people be separated on various ground and not work together towards the national cohesion.For example,some people cannot secure jobs just for the reason that they are from a given tribe or have a various color or have a given type of faith.This makes people have hatred and this may lead to occurrences of wars as a result of a given group of people retracting and demanding forcefully for their rights and freedom and this deteriorates the unity of people in a given country.
30 Jul 2012 @ 04:23

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National cohesion is enhaced in fair democratic system of government where citizen are involved in decision making of critical matters. This entails participation regardless of their gender, race, social class, skin color, level of education for by doing contrary ultimately breeds upheavals. Access to opportunities should be equal to all ages, race, tribe and communities and without such equity brings disunity for liberation of what they perceive not fair. Corruption, nepotism, economic meltdown, dictatorial governance also play a role in breeding disharmony.
30 Jul 2012 @ 11:06

Lynn Akinyi
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Different tribes being tribalistic on each other;Technology has brought westernisation and people have stopped being patrioic;Social interraction through events has minimised as people are in offices or their usual places of work for the development of the country and others.
31 Jul 2012 @ 02:57

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politicians are the major cause of disunity. they divide and rule. they cause disunity to be able to manipulate them and purpetuate themselves in power.
31 Jul 2012 @ 03:18

Apholaby hayour
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Lack of tolerance:it is the inability to accept people the way they are,inability to accept others religion,cultures and their way of life.it is one of the factors that prevents unity and it breeds hatredness,enmity and malice among people.
02 Nov 2014 @ 12:58

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Tribal based politics have led to disunity in the country.We have seen political leaders giving hate-speach in public to other leaders from different tribes.Its very painful to see the people we depend on to bring cohesion have turned tribolitic
17 Jan 2015 @ 08:55

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The unequal distribution of national resources whereby they are perceived as to be going to a few selected communities. This leaves a bitter taste on those who feel like their communities are being overlooked. They develop a negative attitude towards those they perceive to receive the most benefits from the national resources. When such feelings are cultivated among these people, it leads to mistrust which is the leading cause of disunity in Kenya today.
22 Jan 2015 @ 07:29

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Unless Kenyans decide to make up their minds and come together as a unified family regardless of the difference in their tribes., it is very difficult to wipe away disunity in the country.
If a country has to develop, Unity is key because there it is only in Unity that we can be free to share ideas and develop a desired common future. The common interest is what is going to drive us to work towards seeing the Nation move from the dependence zone to an independent zone.
In a country where the citizenry is not united,normally there will be no peace and hence no inventors are confident of investing in such a nation. It therefore follows that unity is one of the key elements that build up the backbone of the country's economy and development.
Among the many issues that lead to disunity is the fact that most local Kenyans have become insensitive even to realise when they are being used by the political masters to perpetuate their agenda of dividing them into ethnic groups so as to create a tyranny of numbers in order to win in political competitions.
Another factor that contributes to disunity is the post colonial dictatorship of the leaders. It might seem not to mean much when it comes to the Unity of a country, however in dictatorship, people will always fight back and this leads to disunity in the country.
The postmodernism that is at the peak of its practice in the society has moved the agenda of westernization to a greater level, which has eradicated the cultural practices that unified the citizenry of the nation. It is a natural cry to everyone to come out and stand the ground to restore the cohesion enhancing cultural practices that have been wiped away by the westernization and post modernism practices.
Promoting national unity and cohesion is therefore an agenda that only requires two people, me and you to take an action.

27 Mar 2015 @ 04:27

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