Importance of studying HIV and AIDS in schools?

Posted on: 10/3/2011 12:15:47 PM  Posted By: njeri moni  Membership Level: Gold  Total Points: 1684      

Some schools do not offer HIV and AIDS as a subject in school, this is unfair especially to the youths who should be aware of it.


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The study of HIV/AIDS should be made compulsory to all schools. This is because the subject enlightens people with knowledge and skills that makes them handle HIV/AIDS well. They know how it is spread and therefore avoid infections. They also know how to take care of those who are in case infected as well as teaching the others about the disease.
03 Oct 2011 @ 02:14

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I agree with you njeri. Youths should be kept aware of what is Hiv Aids and its effect. Through learning one can easily change instead of introducing condoms. They have their own risks and this also encourage the need to have sex because one feels protected.
03 Oct 2011 @ 02:45

Harshie Moraa
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It is advisable for HIV/AIDS to be offered as a subject in schools as this will enable students to understand more about the virus in terms of how to avoid being infected, what to do if one is infected and how to care for infected persons.
03 Oct 2011 @ 02:51

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I do want to believe that studying HIV/AIDS in school is the most important think, that one has to be educated on, with this generation of the youth who know everything in life it sounds to be the best thing and i also think that they should also be examined on the same as part of there education system, so that our young should know what are the causes of HIV and there effects.
04 Oct 2011 @ 12:38

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HIV/AIDS should be made compulsory in schools. This is to avoid the situations where young people do not known about the dangers that are in the society and to avoid other unavoidable consequences that come along with this disease. Also they will get to understand the things that would happen when they contract this virus, how to feed, how to behave and how to deal with it both mentally and emotionally. As the days go by, the young are getting enlightened at a very tender age and so they should be told to avoid mistakes in future.
04 Oct 2011 @ 01:43

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With the current trends in this generation we should make it a compulsory subject in school to make sure our brothers and sisters are safe from succumbing to this deadly virus, they have the right to know what is good and bad in the society and how to protect themselves and care for the affected. In the urban areas these programs exist in many schools, but in the rural areas there is not even a glimpse idea of what HIV is and how to protect oneself. The government in collaboration with NGOs and the Ministry of Education should start such programs in those remote areas.
04 Oct 2011 @ 02:36

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It increases the awareness of the H.I.V A.I.D.S. The symptoms of the disease, the way of prevention and counselling are the things the students in school are taught about H.I.V A.I.D.S. It is funny that the awareness of H.I.V is high yet the infection of H.I.V is not decreasing but increasing with time. If there a cure is never found, it seems that people will continue infecting others and more will be infected and affected one or the other.
29 Oct 2011 @ 10:02

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As much as HIV studies is important to young students, i don't see the point of teaching as young as class three and four students things that leave them whith more questions than they understand. In my opinion, I think this is a very sensitive topic that needs to be taught at the right time, most preferably from class six or seven upwards.
29 Oct 2011 @ 12:32

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My first lession of HIV/AIDS was when i joined compus for the first time three years ago and then i was socked to learn more about the disease and how we can prevent ourselves from it.Many young people die from the disease due to lack of information about the disease.
29 Oct 2011 @ 12:34

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