Why do Kenyan women love old white men apart from desire for money?

Posted on: 10/4/2011 12:45:26 AM  Posted By: tatiana  Membership Level: Silver  Total Points: 303      

Every time i walk in street i always notice a young girls together with old men and i just why is going wrong with our moral.


njeri moni
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Since they believe that the old white men are likely to leave them some properties especially when they go back to their countries.

04 Oct 2011 @ 04:17

Meg soni
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I do not think there is any other reason other than money.When this white men come to our country they mostly come for vacation and some fun and they do not mind giving the young ladies money.
18 Oct 2011 @ 04:22

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Money is not the reason why black ladies are attracted to white men.There is always money issue in every relationships,even the black-black relationships,which lady either black or white would like to date a poor black or poor guy?As far as there is love,that love will not put food on the table but money will.Ladies are attracted to white men due to their personality,character,attitude,mannerism,morals which is due to their upbringing.White men are so different from black men in a million ways and it is the right time that black people accepted that and shunned the idea that ladies are always beside white men because of their cash.Man is a man although some men are more men than others which is natural as nature so black men accept the fact that apart from dating and marrying them,we can also date and marry white men not for money but for love.White men treat women as queens which is unlikely of black men.Dont you think you are a racist if you always find faults when it comes to white-black relationships?
19 Oct 2011 @ 07:09

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It is purely for material benefit.
19 Oct 2011 @ 07:17

Rafik Yako
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I guess the starting point should be about the essence of relationships. The best of relationships are relationships of equals, by this I do not mean a straight 50/50, but something within the ball park, perhaps to a maximum of 60/40. So, if you are educated to degree level chances are that your partner will equally be educated to degree level, close to it or have some other type professional interest. If you are in sports or music your partner might have a similar background or something closely aligned tothis. I guess an apt adage to this is that birds of the same feather flock together. However, where a relationship prima facie raises eyebrows it is because an imbalance is perceived either it is an older white man with a young black girl or vice versa. It is true that no woman ever marries a man for his money; she falls in love with him first. I would not comment on Wonder's position that white men have a better personality than black men. She should come over to England and check the statistics of failed white on white marriages, mainly due to the male of the specie. I would not fault anyone who tries to improve their lot in life and if by being with an older white man would achieve it for my dear Kenyan sister who am I to gripe. However, my woman of Africa, my queens and my princesses, my mothers and my sisters, your responsibility goes beyond self. Running off to a mzungu is not the answer, stand by your men, make them proud of you, support them, stand tall with them, toil and forage with them, then they will put you on a pedestal and worship the very ground on which you walk
and you will be the envy of all.
09 Feb 2012 @ 10:01

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white men are not that easy to get so it becomes easier to get them at old age purely for material benefit
09 Feb 2012 @ 06:09

cinedine amyzene
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Other than money, the next possible reason is that the women are hopeless since for sure there is no reason a woman would have a relationship with an old white man.The women are hopeless of lacking local men to marry and hence go for the old white men who are already married.Note that at this point the women do mind any consequences and are very eager to get married by any man no matter the age or race of the man and hence end up falling for the old white men.
20 Jul 2012 @ 01:39

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12 Mar 2013 @ 12:49

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I think they are in a better position to make us understand them.However,I believe I can give several answers to this question.First and foremost,they claim that white people are very romantic.Secondly,they say that white people are mature and very intelligent.Thirdly,they say that white people know what they want and how to get it.Last but not least,the say that white people stick to their partners like glue.Like pregnancy, time will tell.
12 Mar 2013 @ 08:23

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