Universities offering online learning in Kenya

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Which universities in Kenya are offering online learning programs?
Online learning is very convenient especially to people with busy schedules.


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If you want to study through online then try kenya methodist university they offer some course online. You can also inquire from this other universities.
06 Oct 2011 @ 10:19

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Maseno university is offering eleaning in some courses. Just visit their website to learn more about how it is done
06 Oct 2011 @ 10:50

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University of nairobi is also offering online learning in form of longdistance learning. Just go to this link: www.uonbi.ac.ke and select the e-learning portal. I believe you will get instructions on how to register but if not, go to the main campus, admission office for further inquiry.
06 Oct 2011 @ 11:03

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