Why Kenyatta National Hospital private ward is better for first time mums.

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Despite all we have heard about the hospital,it has its good side and is especially linient on the pocket.Leave alone the public wards which are crowded and one has to strain,this is tiring for expectant mothers.The private wing offers well-done services from clinics,counselling and even maternity services.Here the doctors are friendlier since they are paid more.It is especially better since being the biggest government hospital,any emergency during labour even in big private hospitals are reffered to Kenyatta.The maternity charges are between 20,000 without NHIF and less with it.Do not search anymore,KNH will do u justice.


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That is very true and it is not only for expectant mothers but also all types of diseases are treated best in this wing. This is because the wing comprises of qualified doctors and nurses. The public wing is very dangerous as those who treat people are students who are on attachment and may not have the necessary expertise to treat the many diseases.
13 Oct 2011 @ 05:15

njeri moni
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I concur with you that Kenyatta private hospital is offering the best services for the best interest of the patients.
13 Oct 2011 @ 11:31

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hello i am a first time mum and i am lookin for a good hospital to go for antinantal and i opted for kenyatta private wing but i would like to know the prices
12 Dec 2011 @ 09:52

meg soni
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@sannie you can always go there and check.What i would advise you is to pay nhif because it really helps expectant mothers.Though i did not have my daughter in kenyatta hospital i think nhif must work the same.I had my daughter in a private hospital and only paid the admission fee.
12 Dec 2011 @ 03:23

sheila mkony
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Am a first time mum too and on my 2nd Trimester...am a kenyan residing in Dar Tanzania at the moment.I am planning to have my baby in Kenya and Kenyatta private wing has been recomended to me with my friends ...i would really appreciate more info about the hospital-Maternity section.Thanking you all for advice given.Sheila Mkony Owino.
23 Apr 2012 @ 04:03

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I'm a first time dad n I just wanted to know all the requirements right from the word go I mean from clinic all the way to delivery like approximately how much should I save for my baby's delivery to be safe and smooth I need to know when I have NHIF and when I don't have it give me both prices.
10 May 2012 @ 05:38

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Do your clinics operate all through the week?

17 Jan 2013 @ 06:46

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