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President Mwai Kibaki Presided over the opening of a new Library at Kenyatta University just recently.Will this library really be of much significance to Ku and the society at Large? And does its installation conform to the new millenium
Development goals, if yes, why, if no, why not?


njeri moni
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I believe that the library is of great significance in the sense it is well equipped and spacious enough so that many students will have access to it and they will be able to do research and read.
17 Oct 2011 @ 11:03

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While you are talking of the post modern library in KU have a look at Moi universitiy's library which is the largest in east and central africa but has no significance to most students. Most students do not make use of this libraries despite of them being equiped. But i promise to come to KU personaly and see this post modern library.
17 Oct 2011 @ 11:20

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Eldoret library is now small compared to ku's, see it for yourself. I am in the university but I haven't used the library myself. What is only important in there are the computers, which can as well be found in the computer lab. The structure is great but least equiped.
17 Oct 2011 @ 11:51

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I am not talking of that small eldoret town library, i am mean the Margaret thatcher library in moi university main campus. It is the largest so far.
17 Oct 2011 @ 12:06

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In regard to education, the milenium development goals provide that all countries affiliated to the united nations should have achieved universal primary education by the year 2015. By this, we simply mean some basic form of education. So yes, any form of modern education facility conforms to the millenium development goals.
Just like elvis has stated however, while Kenyatta University's library might be one of the most modern libraries in the country, it is a proven fact that the Margaret Thatcher library in Moi University is still the largest in East and Central Africa.
17 Oct 2011 @ 12:18

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Friends, the Kenyatta University Library was opened recently. It was truely the case that Moi University was the largest in east africa, but wait till they release the next rankings, you won't believe it.
17 Oct 2011 @ 12:41

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That library is going to help alot, it has started with me as i never used to to study in library but with these, when i feel like sleeping just takes a one trip with the lift and top it up with escalator and the sleep is gone. And with the moi''s library margaret thatcher thats not something to compare, you can even simply compare the by the sitting capacity at a ago.margaret thatcher holds only 2500 while the post modern holds 6000 at ago.
17 Oct 2011 @ 01:40

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Your question could have been otherwise rhetorical if you were a Kenyatta University student. However, assuming that you aren't the answer is yes. I will only talk about one since time is not on my side. First, having the economic developmental stages in mind, education is of essence. Learning can never be effective without a library with books, computers and any other necessary material. The students will benefit as well as the society since these students come from the society- positive externality
17 Oct 2011 @ 02:00

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Definitely yes. this is because the library is equipped with modern books, facilities and use of automated systems.The library with its unique features was opened at a time when Kenya needs to undergo positive changes that will see the realization of vision 2030.In this context education plays a key role.The library therefore is of great importance to Kenyatta university in achieving its development goals and Kenya at large.
17 Oct 2011 @ 02:18

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Margret Thatcher library in Moi university is the largest in East and Central Africa and i will request my friend Fred to take a visit there and have a look.It is equiped with all the modern facilities not only a student will require, but the whole society at large including the pre-primary pupils.The building of the Kenyatta University post-modern library is something appreciatable yes and will assist the students in learning but i appreciate the Margret Thatcher Library more for it serves the whole society at large even though am not a student at Moi university.
18 Oct 2011 @ 05:13

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