Should the death penalty be abolished?

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Some people say that the death penalty should be abolished,while others disagree.I have heard a lot of argument from both sides,and now I would like to know what you think about it.


Meg soni
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I think it should be abolished because it is not right to punish wrong with wrong and as christians we believe that no one has a right to take anyone's life.Life imprisonment is more fair than death penalty.
20 Oct 2011 @ 05:49

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Death penalty should not be abolished instead it should be encouraged. Death penalty makes criminals to fear that if they commit a crime death awaits them. Imagine how many crimes could be commited in a day if there were no death penalties.
20 Oct 2011 @ 08:14

Suter junior
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Back to this debate for the third time. okay, this time lets do it this way lets examine the latest ruling by justice warsame of the high court of kenya he recently sentenced some two guys to death, though i think he acted just to draw publicity the ruling did not meet the standards that are traditionaly required for a case of murder to be established.
The court said that the murder was fully established that is what i doubt because the prosecution lead circumstantial evidende which does not in any case establish a case beyond reasonable doubt. In this instance i am tempted to belive we should be slow to hang this people. But end up hanging them anyway.
I am always a firm beliver that a court that in good faith is in a position to show that beyond any doubt the accused are guilty should set a time span for which the accused persons must either have appealed or be hanged. There is no idea in lumping them up at maximum prisons and letting them tempt up that they have reformed and may be pardoned something i do not see the need of.
If however we belive that this is a matter of human rights then why should we confine them anyway thats a limitation of freedom of movement and that to social security which are both human rights issues so in short if we cant hang them for human human rights neither should we arrest and detain them because its a violation of their rights as well.
Lets face it if we made laws just to fill the statute we better let them all be violated but so long as it says the people be hanged they MUST be hanged.
20 Oct 2011 @ 08:18

Brenda N
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To me,I would prefer if the death penalty would be abolished because there is no human being who has the right to take another persons life,it is God only who has the right to do that.If a criminal may have taken another person's life then there are more many ways of punishing the criminal instead of sentencing him/her to death like life imprisonment with hard labour.Death sentence do not give a criminal a chance to ammend his way and this wrong we ought to give them a chance so as they can change their ways and be better people in the society.Another thing is that,what if an innocent person may be killed through death sentence where all along he/she was framed up like a set up,this would be absolutely wrong while the real criminal would be free to continue doing the same crimes and that's why I would prefer life imprisonment rather that the death sentence.
20 Oct 2011 @ 11:59

Hussein Mutai
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It should be totally abolished because it is even not allowed by God himself. It is the biggest cruelty that one will ever commit towards God. Life is sacred in the eyes of the Lord and it should never be tampered with. Life is the precious thing in this world and knowing that you are the temple of God, you should never destroy it.
21 Oct 2011 @ 03:13

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Many lethal criminals don't fear death, sentencing them to death is simply putting a retirement to their career. Death sentence should be replaced with life sentence as the criminals will suffer for a long time prior to their crimes. I would also fear suffering my whole life than to be sentenced to death.
21 Oct 2011 @ 06:57

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From my holy teachings, I learn that "life is sacred". That is, it is only God who gives it, and it is him alone who has the authority to take it away.
To that point therefore, I do vote against the death penalty as practiced in many nations across the world. Mark you, not all inmates are guilty of the charges against them- a good number of them are innocent.
I think it is the worst crime ever in the kingdom of God to hang or kill someone. I would encourage the society to rise against that particular death penalty to allow for God's final judgement to prevail against them who do wrong.
27 Jun 2014 @ 10:04

Carl Robbie
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Death penalty should be abolished simply because its against Bible jurisdiction and human right where someone has a right to life.Therefore it should be abolished in our constitution.
27 Jun 2014 @ 02:57

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