Role of Education in implementation of Vision 2030.

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Education has been given priority over some sectors in the economy in pursuit of the three pillars of Vision 2030; economic, social and political. Education leads to development of skilled labour, building up of human capital and standardizing human resources across the country. Will education help us to achieve Vision 2030?


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Education can greatly help us in the achievement of the vision 2030. This is because it produces well educated fellows who are very productive leading to economic growth. The education acquired by the individuals will assist them in making good leaders hence developing the country politically. In school, learners are taught issues to do with cultures such as accepting and appreciating their cultural diversity and this will make them be the pioneers of defending and protecting the countries culture thereby developing the country socially. They are also taught to appreciate one another and encouraged to be working together, which without any doubt,will lead to economic, social and political development. In that way, I believe that the education will help as achieve the visiuon 2030.
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